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I went to book a flight after someone on a website said they were good (must have been a shill). Went back and forth over 2 days, making sure of times with my husband. Decided to leave at 3:15 from Vence to Naples. went to and chose THAT flight, double checked on payment page and paid. WHen I received the confirmatiion email, I checked the flight and IT WAS A LATER ONE THAT HAD BEEN 3" BELOW ON THE PAGE!!! Several calls to change flight over days, each one being charged a fee. That's the start of your lies, Sofia of Bravofly.j The phone number in the states DOESN"T work at all. The calls don't go through.
Finally decided to cancel due to difficulties and rudeness and wanted a full refund, or at least the amount of refund you'd expect here if you cancelled a flight, perhaps 10%-20%.
I contacted my credit card company and they put a temporary hold. In the meantime, Bravofly sends me an email of a $63 refund for $400+ tickets I NEVER CHOSE. Emails from them in response to mine are full of lies. They insisted I made the wrong choice, then they said I clicked to them through another website and THAT website made the booking error! Stuff like that. Refuse to take responsibility that websites can make errors like that!
Received a call today that Bravofly will not accept my credit from the credit card! And here's the catch-22...the only proof I can submit would be confirmation of the flight I wanted!!! A joke, right? Now how could I do that If I never received the flight I wanted???
I don't know what other recourse I have being in the US and where they are. If anyone knows any legal recourse I might have I would love to hear it. Otherwise, I am being robbed of $400+_ for a flight I didn't want and the calls I made that they charge for(!) to correct the error THEY MADE. Perhaps they think all Americans are rich?? I saved long and hard for this trip and $400 is a HUGE amount to us.
If there could be some way to rectify this in a appropriate, legal manner, please let me know. Thank you,

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  • Ka
      Jan 03, 2012

    I have now. I cannot remember, but I am sure it was an ok site with the referral since I tend to spend hours reviewing these things. For some reason, at the time I booked, I could find none of all the negative reviews or I NEVER would have gone to their site. Anyone know if they can sue for my comments if they are true? They don't have any more proof than I do about the clicks I made, but their legal department has contacted me and said to prove they are legit they will refund the entire amount if I desist in these negative comments a nd npost positive ones, along with a comment that THEY would pursue me. I'm doubting they can do that or everyone who posts a complaint on the internet would be sued!

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  • Ka
      Jan 04, 2012

    I won't as today I received an email telling me of the full refund. I have to say, from what I've read about different country's consumer laws, I'm suspecting they chose Switzerland as their headquarters for a reason; Switzerland has NO consumer protection agency or FTC. They would be severely prosecuted here in the US for their deceptive practices. I have by now read MANY similar complaints related to website, internet issues along with poor customer service and miniscule refunds for these website errors for which the consumer is always blamed. There are MANY similar complaints and if it were in the US, boy, would their ### be grass! I guess I got my refund the way a few others did...the power of the (pen) internet.
    thank you all.

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  • Ka
      Jan 13, 2012

    Update: I received my full refund and a call today from customer service. It was a pleasant gentleman who assured me I would not be sued and I agreed that I would let it be known that they did provide a full refund. End of story.

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  • Ma
      Jul 06, 2012

    I just received a call from American Express. My card info got stolen and used for a Bravofly ticket. I have never used Bravofly, but wonder what their online secure payments policy is like. Beware !...

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  • Fu
      May 23, 2013

    They are useless and very rude. Never heard of having to wait 24 hours for a flight confirmation before. Not very helpful when you have to book a connecting flight!
    Bravofly are quick enough to take your money, in fact they do so as soon as you finish your booking on line, but then they send you an e-mail saying that it could take 24 hours to get confirmation and that you should not book a connecting flight until you get the said confirmation. I called my credit card provider as soon as I received that e-mail, thinking that this was not quite right, and was told that the payment had already gone through although Bravofly assures you that the money WON'T be taken until the booking has been confirmed. I called Bravofly to ask what was going on and eventually asked them to cancel my flight, ( which is allowed if your flight has not been confirmed). I was then told that it could take up to 7 DAYS to get the refund!
    And on top of that, despite their wonderful advertising, it turned out that I booked the same flight direct from the airline for £10 less!
    What a scam!

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  • Sh
      Sep 08, 2013

    I booked a ticket from Bravofly-Trip advisor about a month ago. It seemed I didn't find any bad reviews on them so I went ahead and booked a Melbourne-Perth- Mauritius connecting flight with a 2hour gap in-between flights. I didn't know until after I booked that they were based in Switzerland so when I saw that on their confirmation email, I decided to call them to ask whether I can take any insurance in case of missed flights etc. They said 2 hours was ample and the Bravofly No Problem would cover all these things. So I bought their "insurance" as well as a QBE travel insurance since something sounded dodgy about the fact I had to pay 6 euros per minute for customer service that is not even near Australia. Unfortunately I missed my flight after a flat tyre and didn't get there in time for baggage drop so when I called Mike, a very very very rude guy on the phone with a "get stuffed" attitude, he practically forced me to cancel my whole flight with no guarantee or partial refund. When I got home and re booked tickets- this time with an Australian site- I sent them an email, they were not the least concerned of their extremely poor customer service, and decided on a Sunday- 4 hours after I contacted them that my refund would be 143 EUROS IN A VOUCHER TO USE LESS ADMINISTRATION FEES from my 1255 Euro ticket. I am searching a way to recover at least my return flight costs since they can resell it to somebody else. I am so angry, I will find a way to sue them somehow, this is my mission

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