Bravofly / Bravonext SA / fullflex cancellation insurance never replied to my cancellation request

Chiasso, CH
Contact information:

When I purchased my flight from BravoFly on 30 Sept 2017, I opted for the Fullflex cancellation policy, despite thinking I'd never had to cancel a flight in my life before.

The day before my planned departure (10 Nov 2017) from Belgium to Cambodia, I had an emergency that made my international travel impossible, and therefore contacted the insurance company as per the contract they sent me by email upon registration. I wrote two emails on 9 Nov with all the required information - Booking ID [protected] - but I didn't get any acknowledgement.

It's been five days now. While the contract says they're supposed to get back to me within 48 hours, I'm still waiting for any kind of reply. Here's the contract:

Having to cancel an international flight is already a burden. An insurance is supposed to help me ease the process, not make it even more stressful. I really wish they would reply within the timeframe stated in their contract, or ensure that any additional day being late comes with additional financial compensation. I am expecting a speedy resolution and fulfilment of their part of the contract as soon as possible.

Stephane De Greef

Nov 14, 2017

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