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On June 5, 2018, I went to the Brandsmart Store located at 751 Executive Center Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 with my family looking for a Bluetooth speaker. After looking at a several speakers I found the specific item I was looking for. I saw a J50 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with LED lights, marked at $69.88.
I proceeded to check out, but I was notified the item was marked at $99.88. I walked over the specific place where I got the speaker from and compared the price tag versus the item and confirmed the price tag was in fact for the J50 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with LED lights. In order to make it easier at check out, I took the price tag and the actual item (Speaker) with me. I also took several photographs of the item and the price tag to avoid any confusion.
Upon attempting to check out the employee very kindly and politely indicated the item was marked at $99.88, but she spoke with the Cashier's manager and asked him to help her honor the price on the price tag. The manager, a tall, bald, black male, immediately looked at the price tag and the speaker. After confirming the price, he asked me where did I get the speaker from? I pointed out the area where I retrieved the speaker from. The manager told the employees to check the area to verify if "what I was saying was the truth".
Of course, at this time I expressed my frustration since I had provided the price tag confirming the price with a description of the same item and said I no longer wanted the item, while I was also placing another item I was buying on top of the speaker box. As the item I put on top of the speaker box bounced off the box a few inches, the manager accused me of throwing the item (a small box, containing an iPhone charger (at the cashier). It must be noted the box where I put the small charger box, was approximately 5 feet away from the cashier and did not even near hit anyone.

As the manager raised his voice at me all of the customer standing in line and inside the store started looking at me and of course that made me feel uncomfortable. The manager continued screaming as loud as he could and I defended myself by screaming back at him. I only said "I never threw any item at you or the cashier or him". The manager continued his aggressive behavior and I told him to "keep the item" as I was walking out of the store. The manager attempted to stop me, while walking next to me and telling me "he did not want to see me back in his store".

I told him at that point I just wanted to leave the store and needed his name so I could report his violent, racist and aggressive behavior. He continued walking next to me, holding his radio and asking me for my name to ensure I would not return to the store. He refused to provide me with his name.
I told him I did not want to buy from that store ever again and he asked me if I was trying to intimidate him. He then verbally instructed me to stay in the store until the police arrive, I told him I did not violate any laws and he could not held me against my will. He then continued screaming while standing in front of me.

This manager is approximately 6'3" tall and he made me feel intimidated and scared at that time. He finally let me leave and I was walking out he told me not to return to his store. I told him he was "pathetic", he asked me: "What did you say"?, while storming out of the store with his fists clenched. At that point I was extremely scared and I stood in front of a surveillance camera so the incident was captured by the surveillance cameras while he was punching me, if that would have been the case. He then told me that if wanted I could come back at 8:00 PM since he would be off duty and we could fix the problem in the parking lot.

I know Brandsmart USA prides in hiring qualified individuals with excellent customer service skills. I am sure this is not an isolated incident with that "Manager" and I am sure you will handle this complaint in a professional manner.

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BrandsMart USA

Jun 05, 2018

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