Brakes Plus Colorado Springs, N. Nevada, Ave. location / service and "alleged" repairs

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

RIP-OFFS, I brought my daughter's Jeep Grand Cherokee in to have the rear Main Seal and the front steering trac bar replaced. Not only did they drain all of the tranny fluid, and EVEN though I asked the mechanic if he was sure that he had checked the trans fluid, he said he had, he lied, My daughter didn’t get 1/2 block when the jeep no longer ran!!!, to top that off "no pun "intended" they didn’t even fill the trans fluid then, they only put in enough to stop the slipping from the NO FLUID they put in. I had to bring it back again they next day and literally they ganged up on me before having to admit that they DID NOT put trans fluid back in!!, Additionally, they did not tighten the pangard bolts which nearly cost my daughter her life. Additionally, the rear main seal leaks now more than it did BEFORE the work. Brakes plus is a scam of thieves and will not perform anything near safe reliable auto work. If you care about your kids driving experience, safety and the car they are in DONT ALLOW BRAKES PLUS ANYWHERE NEAR THEIR CAR!!! AWFUL, Argumentative, Unreliable. WILL DAMAGE the vehicle more than anything else. That's what they did to my daughter's vehicle. They should be forced to close the business. All of this was proven by me to them, after they came at me in the store, attempting to be threatening. I made them put the Jeep on the lift and then and only then did they have to admit that they had damaged the transmission by NOT putting transmission Fluid back. I have since found that the Pangard bolts were NOT tightened by a separate independent Mechanic which could have KILLED my daughter. Shame on you Brakes Plus, SCAMMERS, JUNK work, awful, NEVER GO THERE EVER!!! NO Work they ever "said" they performed was EVER done even half way correct!!!

May 19, 2017

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