Bradlows Furniturezanzibar lounge

I am very disappointed with the lounge that my husband and I bought at Bradlows in 2014 . Six months down the line the couches where very uncomfortable we laid a complaint and they came to fetch them for repairs they came back better after 2 full months withouth couches. The problem started again we reported the matter they sent people to come and collect them for repairs for the second time . Again the problem started after sometime then I decided to remove the plastic that covers the couch under neath to see what was happening there I was very shocked to see bits and pieces of sponges that were there and the was a spring that was loose which was tightened with hard black string see photo attached. When I logdeg a complaint I was told my guarantee is expired I need to pay for the repairs. I have one question do I have to pay for their mistakes or should I pay for making a mistake buying a furniture from Bradlows please assist I am very disappointed.

Bradlows Furniture

Dec 05, 2018

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