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L Jul 22, 2019 Review updated:

My name is Luanda Ngulube from Worcester. I bought this product last month and it was on a special for R5000 so I bought it cash paid the product same day but the product could not be delivered on the same day I was fine with that the 5 days went the product has not yet been delivered I went on the 5th day to query the product they told me they deliver the following day but the following day they called saying they do not have transport to deliver the product but I aid for transport cause in total I had paid R5460 including transporting they said so I organised y own transport and paid an additional fee for it myself saying I will be able to claim the transport fee back but till today I have not recieved tranport fee they product was wrapped in plastic when the transport guy and I went g fetch it the people working at the store did not even accompany us so that they can but the pieces together so we left no fault or anything for the transport guy happening along the way the placed the piece inside the house and we checked for faults at the first we saw was the mirror piece frame board was not pieced properly it was widely opened on the top edged of each and every side of the mirror so we unwrapped the plastic to find that the mirror down at the bottom as falling apart already and it had dents they came and only took the falling apart mirror place and it's been a week now waiting for it to return we did not even receive any discount or apology for receiving such a poor conditioned product that has to first me repaired before utilising it, I bought it cash hence it has fault and in poor condition for being expensive and bought at a bradlows store poor services for waiting to be serviced for weeks. We could have bought a better product in a much better condition for a much cheaper price.


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    Zinzingulube Aug 12, 2019

    good day

    I am Zinzi Ngulube, am still waiting for assist on my complain the shop came to fetch the dressing table to fix it its been a month now since we haven't hard from them and when we asking the store they say they goner call in cape town that is were they fixing the dressing table, after a week they took the dressing table the cardboard door fell, what kind of product you selling its not even a 3 months we bought this bedroom suit we experience bad service and power products

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