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Absolutely corrupt poker

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Bovada Poker
United States
I had occasionally put a small deposit on the what is now Boavada poker site which used to be Bodog. It changed just recently. I began to start having my doubts as to weather or not the site was somehow corrupt or fixed considering the abnormal things that would occur during play. When i say abnormal i guess you just need to be a player and experience what i had while playing on the site. It seems like hands were fixed and various other things. Unfortunately i can not show any physical proof as to what i am saying but making a complaint just makes me feel better. On new years day I put 30 dollars on the site and began playing. I did ok in the beginning and thought ok maybe this isn't so bad. However a couple days later once i had built the funds up it was literally like they flipped a lose switch on my playing. For two days straight they literally drained my money out. I am a pretty solid player to and i came to the definite conclusion that the site is absolutely fixed. The things that happened to me over the last two days have been nothing less than completely bogus. I don't care if anyone believes me but I am gonna make the complaint anyway as at least a warning to anyone who dares put their money on the Bovada site. They are very slick to with the way they arrange it all so beware of underlying deception. Also to top it off their payout process and methods are totally ridiculous and it takes weeks before you even get a check and you are lucky if it will even cash at a bank. Also you can only make one free cashout per calender month otherwise its a fifty dollar charge to get your money which like i said doesn't even arrive until weeks later.
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A  30th of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I totally agree. They took the names off players so that they can enter their own "no named" bots in to win back their own "gaurenteed money" . They play is so bogus and it repeats. 4 times in 4 nights, when I was right at the money bubble SAME thing happens. Im basically saying that I am PLAYING nothing until the bubble cracks. and then what do you know. My big blind goes all the way around the table unraised... so I get to play free cards. Then POW I flop two pair. Push to just take down some quick money and POW I am CALLED AND DRAWN OUT ON. BOOM!!! OUT OF THE MONEY. TOTAL FIX.
A  7th of Mar, 2012 by    +5 Votes
100% in agreement with you. I believe their dealing algorithim is fixed and very corrupt. today 3-6-12 i was playing Omaha hi low on the $1/$2 table. first hand I was dealt AA 4 10 double suited. My opponent put me all in pre flop with A247. I lose to a2345. within 5 min I was dealt AA7Q double suited and miracously my opponent was dealt a245 of course he shoves all in preflop for $200 pot and I lose to 3 of a kind 5's. not more than 5 min later the my opponent who shoved me all in first time does it again. this time I was dealt aa55 and he had once again a259. of course I lose to 56789 straight. I would love to know the odds of being dealt aaxx and each time having your opponent have a2xx and lose all 3 hands?? I called cust service to express my displeasure and of course was told they have no control over the way cards are dealt. I would not recommend playing on Bovada at all. I have never blogged or complained about anything on the internet but I hope by doing so I can save the next person some money and frustration. I love to play poker and find it so sad that as an american there are no honest sites to play on.
A  19th of Mar, 2012 by     Best Advice +6 Votes
(Originally posted on kickasspoker.com)

Oooh, I wish I had read some of these reviews BEFORE I put $210 on this site. Initially, I figured ‘this is about as good as it gets in the US/ I’ve heard many people played on Bodog so perhaps it was legit’, but at this point I’m 90% convinced the site employs BOTS to take wins from ‘humans playing with their real bankrolls’ if not downright employing ‘house players hiding behind those anonymous numbers’ that are using technology that we aren’t privvy too (One of the settings offered is to ‘see the next card that would have been dealt’, a bit of a waste of mental effort/ tool of frustration but you can see the types of things THEIR end of the software is able to do…ie SEE THE NEXT CARD). I even called their tech support and riddled them with a ton of questions. They were mostly in either the Phillipines or the Carribean, and pointed out the RNG certification located somewhere on the site. I figured ‘better than nothing’ and proceeded to deposit. The first night I had a few swings but I know my ability at small sit n gos, heads up matches, and limit cash games, and felt the $50 or so I came ahead was just. Then I took it slow and made about $10 a night just to get a feel. Night 3 or 4 I COULD NOT WIN A GAME. 6 down in a row and yeah, I got frustrated and went heads up for $100, I remember making a K high straight for all my chips and ‘somehow’ the river made broadway for the other guy. On the bubble of another sit n go, the river made the nut flush for me and a freakish full house with 73 off suit for the ‘other guy’/ bot. I still had chips but the KK pocket pair I was dealt the next hand wasn’t going to help me out. I SWEAR, at one point it REALLY FELT like they could see the cards I was playing…anytime I had a strong hand, or a strong pocket pair, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get them to play, like clock work. I know good players can sense things but this was ridiculous. Too many times, a high pair will be sucked out on by a lower pair that makes a set on the flop. I could go on (and yes I took detailed notes of these hands to think about that variance), but you get the point. CAVEAT EMPTOR ABOUT BOVADA. Also, besides the ’tilt ware’ garbage, I actually caught some kids in a limit cash game talking about ‘is my microphone working?’/ they were colluding with their cards and trying to get an edge in a game with an average pot of about $3….sad.

Any other site like say (NLOP/ Southpoint Freerolls, 888 poker, etc.) I’m banging at these sit n’ gos for play money (Bovada too) and the game plays like a real game/ it FEELS real, bots or no, I trust I’m able to do well. But once you start to bump up the limits a bit on Bovada, the ‘doom switch’ is out to get you if you can even catch any cards at all! Just consider for a moment that the ‘house player’ can see your cards/ knows what will come next and it really explains a lot how it feels to play in some of these games. Also consider how a $5 tournament that offers a $500 prize pool will have ‘rebuys and late registration’ for over an hour, I placed in 12th out of 818 players, but for all I know, I might have been the only ‘paying customer’ to have even cashed, for all I know BOTS took up the other spots! Those Bots also cause the prize money to be spread out REAL THIN, etc.

What’s sad is that I’m considering putting on another $50 just to try the micro cash games and sit n gos, bots or no…but I think I’ll be disappointed. – John in Vegas (aka carpenns or DocturrA [Doctor Avalanche])

N  17th of Apr, 2012 by    +2 Votes
yeah well you think poker site is bad you should check out the casino site it is even worst. When it had the bodog monicker you could at least win some money once in a while but now under bovada it is inpossible to win any type of jackpot regardless of what they print. It seems they are just money hungey and i agree there are bots on that site and lots of them
N  13th of May, 2012 by    +4 Votes
Company does not pay out winnings. Have been waiting 6 weeks to get a check for a sports bet I won. First I was told it would take 15 business days, than 20 business days. And I have read online that when/if I finally receive the check it will bounce. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!
N  17th of May, 2012 by    +4 Votes
Ever since Bodog became Bovada I have had nothing but problems. First of all, it happened over night and it would have been nice to be given a heads up since I had money in my account. It's not like they didn't know the change was coming. My comps never equal out to the right amount. If I deposit $100 and lose it I expect to receive a $25 comp which equals 25% of my losses. And then the loosing piece...I haven't had a payout since the change. I used to have several per month. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Bovada!
D  22nd of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have had a pretty fair experience. I have gotten a few bonus chips with my play but I have played alot.
N  24th of May, 2012 by    +1 Votes
yes...I played Bodog for years...this is the biggest no win system I have ever seen...It takes and does not pay out...if you do win...it is like it flips a switch and sucks it all back...I have tried about 4K here and do not recommend it to anyone...it does not have 1/10th the action that Bodog had...the customer service is out of the country in Indonesia or something...they cannot even answer basic questions about policy without giving you bad answers that do not reflect the written policy...
These guys are crooks...
A  1st of Jun, 2012 by    +4 Votes
I have been playing online (poker and casino) for well over a decade. I have had my ups and downs but always received what I thought I was paying for which was an opportunity to make money. In the days when pokerstars, full tilt, and back in the day party poker existed as USA options, I made many deposits and withdrawals without issue. I never feared my money was not "safe" and that I wouldn't be paid when I won. For the past 4 months or so I have played on Bovada. There have been many red flags that should have stopped me... only a few tables had "cash players" on them; players were identified by number and not name, etc. Also, the deposit "fees" are truly ridiculous (4.9% and then another separate conversion "fee"). I made a number of deposits over the past several months and then there are others were simply were not made by me. I noticed a pattern that whenever I increased my casino wager, I would win. Decrease the wager, then I would lose. Every session I would build up to $1500-3000. I have played enough to recognize the pattern of reduce bet lose, increase bet win. This mind game continues until the winnings are blown. Well during all of this I'm waiting for a withdrawal (of less than $1000) for well over 1 month. Meanwhile I successfully make deposits with about a 10% surcharge that are approved instantaneously. What I have figured out after speaking with "customer service with Bovada" on a regular basis is that they are reading from a script, promising to call me back, promising to provide a tracking number for my check that was requested over 1 month ago (policy originally stated would take 15 days to receive payout). So now I believe that I have been a victim of fraud. Some deposits that I was charged for were in duplicate and then the others that I actually made with the belief that I would be able to cash out winnings are fraudulant as well as I have not seen my small cash out. I therefore am disputing all charges with my bank because of the above. The charges on my account say "spa services, camera purchase, retail clothing etc" none of which I ever received. The online gaming industry is a thing of the past. Do NOT play with your money unless you plan on losing. If you "win" you will never see your money. I would never dream of not paying a debt that was legitimate. However, I can't imagine that I could let over $10, 000 in deposits go to a "company" that rigs its games to suck you in and then doesn't pay you.
A  31st of Jul, 2012 by    +3 Votes
I confronted this site repeatedly via emails and they could deny nothing that I said. The reason for the numbered players is because many are software generated. 100% true and they could not deny it or provide proof of any actual player that I claimed was not real. You are playing against 75% computer created players. You can see this for yourself by timing the speeds of the play or trying to communicate with suspected non-players. They started this practice years ago and unfortunately not the first to use it. It started when they couldn't meet the amount of players in guaranteed payout tourneys. They filled the low traffic by adding fake players because they figured the more Bots they have advancing to the money, the less they have to payout to real players. Bovada is in my top three of most crooked and corrupt online poker sites. Please do not ever put one dime onto this site because it is a scam. By the way, if they do ever let you win some money, they will still get a huge cut because they charge ridiculous fees to withdraw or deposit money on their fake site. This is one site that I believe is so corrupt and dirty that legal action should be taken against them.
D  27th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
You are all ###ing noobs. You suck at poker and think it is rigged because you lose. ### happens, thats poker. You try dealing that many hands and some crazy ### will happen. Give up losers
A  1st of Jan, 2013 by    -3 Votes
this site has gotten worse, done with it, not worth playing, no wonder the government wants to shut down Internet poker
D  15th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Ok, listen up everyone. I am a poker pro with a world ranking and I have played on several sites. I used to agree with this years ago when I was less experienced and believe me, I have wanted to quit the game and jump off a bridge with the way things run online and the crazy things that happen. But here is the fact: I have cashed out over 6, 000 dollars on Bovada since beginning in August 2012 with one 200 dollar deposit. I build it up to 2, 000 and i take out 1, 500 leaving me 500 to play. I have done this several times. I always get my check in a timely manner and the check always clears. Remember it could be coming from Taiwan. It takes time and it comes courier DHL or Fed Ex which is why there is a charge if you take out money more than once a month. I think it is nice actually that they give you this free. It is an expense for them and not coming US Mail. So heres the thing. All players think they are better than they are. Remember you are talking about playing other people in this game and there are a lot of bad ones. While bad beats happen and variances occur it is the players job to play well, read the board, control the betting and know when to get out. There is a lot to know and I doubt someone playing small stakes against bad players with a 30 dollar deposit is a good judge. I play the highest stakes on the site and if i go down to small stakes, guess what? I lose because you can't beat every bad player. They are going to get lucky and they don't think the same way as a good player. There is not enough time to give a poker lesson here but the game is about levels of understanding. Thats why chess players, really intelligent people, economists, pshcologists do well in this game. You need to study and you need to work hard at this game to be good and win regularly. Yes the things that happen in poker online is maddening. I have wanted to quit...I have screamed...I have pulled the hair out of my head and I have wanted to kill someone but guess what? The site may be built for action, yes. Maybe the lead changes hands a lot at each stage of betting and crazy things like 2 fullhouses with quads on the river happen but this happens live too! My best friend who is an excellent player is about to give up the game over the bad beats he gets in live play...stories you would not believe! And that's live. The best poker pros in the world can go an entire year or more of "running bad" and lose millions of dollars. You need to be humble in this game and this game will humble you. If you do not have respect for your opponent or the game, you will lose. If you get mad, you will lose. And if you don't understand pot odds, position or people, you will lose. Study up...suck it up...and check your ego at the door when you sit down to play. Practice, practice, practice and accept that there is a small percentage of luck in this game but that small percentage can kick your ###! Variance happens and bad players are the ones who are going to benefit from it. Don't expect the bad players to think like you or play like you. They don't...they are bad. And the only way they are going to win is to get lucky. They know this...they rely on it...and fish need to eat too sometimes. Control the size of the pot and leave yourself a way out if you need to. Stop shoving. Less is more sometimes and know who you are playing. It's not easy but if it were everyone would win.
A  2nd of Mar, 2013 by    -2 Votes
very good post, extremely enlightening!
A  10th of Mar, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Actually the above poster is full of crap. By his own admission he plays the highest stakes which is impossible if he only leaves himself a $500 stake with every 1500 cashout (which is also very low if you play the highest stakes).
All of the above complaints are valid and if anyone wants to wast a couple of hundred to find out, then go ahead and blow your money. Bovada is nothing more than an abyss that you voluntarily throw your money into. Of course it is your money, (hopefully) so if you want to play a losing game and pay for it dearly, Play Bovada!! By the way to qualify my comment, I've been playing poker for over 40 years, in no way consider myself a pro but won just under 10K at party poker in less than a year. As bad as party poker seemed sometimes, Bovada is blatantly rigged and anyone with any common sense and poker knowledge can see it.
A  10th of Mar, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I agree. 100% rigged with bots and a casino games lose switch. When you first sign up, they let you win... a lot. Then you will lose. And lose over and over again. If you try to cash out after that first deposit that usually produces some winnings, that will be the last time you ever see money from them again, and that's if the check gets to you and then doesn't bounce. I believe Bovada and their subsidiaries/affiliates will eventually be brought up on charges as well as their US issuers (banks); in my opinion they are guilty of material misrepresentation, of their accounting and services, with the intent to defraud US customers, by concealing or disguising revenue by way of refunds, rebates, prizes, gifts, commissions or other seemingly legitimate expenses.

Therefore, I believe they have violated the Wire Wager Act, International Banking Act of 1978, Federal Corrupt Practices Act, § 1955. Prohibition of illegal gambling businesses, Mail and Wire Fraud under 18 USC § 1343, and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act,

(dispute all charges and discontinue usage; in my opinion the banks know they are complicit in fraud, or know they are walking a very fine line so won't put up a fight)

NO ONE SHOULD LISTEN TO tdemorro5012's. He has a "CONFLICTING INTEREST" ... More than likely, his tax filings would show monies connected to Bovada, their affiliates, subsidiaries, or sponsors and advertisers that do business with Bovada.

(2) Jurisdiction over foreign persons.— For purposes of adjudicating an action filed or enforcing a penalty ordered under this section, the district courts shall have jurisdiction over any foreign person, including any financial institution authorized under the laws of a foreign country, against whom the action is brought, if service of process upon the foreign person is made under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or the laws of the country in which the foreign person is found, and— (A) the foreign person commits an offense under subsection (a) involving a financial transaction that occurs in whole or in part in the United States;
(B) the foreign person converts, to his or her own use, property in which the United States has an ownership interest by virtue of the entry of an order of forfeiture by a court of the United States; or
(C) the foreign person is a financial institution that maintains a bank account at a financial institution in the United States.
N  27th of Mar, 2013 by    +3 Votes
Bovada is a scam! Is there any other poker site out there that does'nt bot the way they do? Done with them forever! How do you lose 8 grand on bad beats within a 3 day period after you cash out 2 grand?
A  6th of Apr, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Have the same exact experience with everyone else. I used to play on full tilt before they got shut down. I play very low stake sng $1 - 5 single/multi-table tournament and has been consistency winning over a period of few years. On Bovada, it seems like they let me win in the beginning and I was up over $100 at one point and all of sudden over the next couple weeks it goes all down hill, bad beat after bad beat and now I'm in the negative. I would see a lot of strange plays by players calling all in with 7 5 and would hit full houses, I've seen this multiple of times. I've seen the same player would hit full house, flush, and trips on every other hand playing with all kind of strange hands. I think 8/10 times I would make the right all-in calls and dominate the other players on preflop and they would pull some kind of miracle straight or hit there 3 outer. How can I be consistency winning on Full-Title but on Bovada i'm going down hill? Anyone else have the same experience that they consistency win on another poker site but on Bovada they can't win?
A  6th of Apr, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I agree with the complaints, I wont go too much into my exp. on the site. But, yes there are bots, I always try once Im at a table to get every person to type something to let me know they're real, and tell them its in their best interest to do so as well and only half respond. You will win some at first, on every deposit and yes apparently there is a lose switch and then you guessed it money gone. The worse beats ever on a very consistent basis. So, here's 2 examples trust me I remember them well. 1) me AA 2) K10 off I put in a pretty hefty raise preflop (.50/1.00) everyone folds but him/bot idiot right, , , , , well the flop comes A 10 5 different suits, so no flush reads and possibly a straight for him thinking he called so its possible he has KQ, so I jump the bet up 12.50 and take the pot down I look at it as its a nice little pot sux it wont be even higher with my hand but its the right play. So the guy calls, Im like no way he's calling on a draw so maybe he's caught a set or 2 pair either way he's dominated, so 4th comes out and its a 10 so this idiot just ruined his day playing a hand he shouldnt have and now he will suffer for it. Ive got the Big Boy Boat to his/bot set I just go ahead and put him all in and this guy calls, Im already ear to ear. So what happens, he catches a 3rd straight 10 on the river for quads and the win, just soak that up for a second seriously, the hand was for like 135.00.
Hand number 2) me JJ him 10 7 off this time everyone has called a 3.00 preflop raise that I just go ahead all in and everyone folds except for this idiot/bot I see his cards and think seriously do you just hate money or are you just this nice, I mean really just think about that call. anyway the flop 10 J 4 including 2 diamonds 1 of which was my J, so he's done right? wrong! 4th street a 8 comes out and then the river is, , , , , , , what do you think? Wrong its a 3, , so whats the problem I won, , , , nope, see the 8 was a diamond and the 3 was a diamond and he now has a small flush but flush none the less, 4 straight diamonds and its like salt in the wounds cause my J was one of them I mean are you serious? What the hell are the chances, really and for him/bot to ever even call the all in- in the first place should tell you all you need to know pot was 80.00 or so
example # 1 was the worse beat Ive ever had and cost me alot of money I'll forever remember this hand
example # 2 was painful and pissed me off for real, but the scary thing is ex. #2 happens all the time on there literally the same exact situation, to me plenty but you see it happen to others all the time as well.
Last, there's a saying on the site its called the Bovada Bailout
also another is that the 2nd best hand almost always wins.
When I go all in Ive got the best hand 90% of the time trust me Im not an idiot and even by calculations at the absolute worst I should lose around 30% of those, , , at the worst so simple math tells you that Im killing it and would be if the math would just halfway hold true but its flip-flopped on there for real I win and this is no lie and no exageration I win around 35% of those hands
Ive said my peace and if reading just my post doesnt tell you everything you need to know then by all means go throw your money away.
N  6th of Apr, 2013 by    +1 Votes

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