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Bounty Paper Towels / UNwanted change

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Sometime during 2010, BOUNTY Paper TOWELS got the NOT SO Bright idea to make the paper towels ONE HALF the size of a regular size paper towel that the consumer has had "forever"!

After 20 years?, I am switching to another brand that does not have these tiny little segmented pieces of paper towel.

FOR the life of me, WHY???? I end up using TWICE the amount of paper towel to get the real size that I the first place!

Their strategy is obvious now...using more towels requires the consumer to buy MORE!! BRILLIANT Marketing!!

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  • Rr
      7th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    It's called "Select Size" for smaller clean ups. You are receiving the same amount of paper towel and you can tear off as many sections as you need.

  • Mo
      7th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Those are the only kind I buy anymore, too much waste with the full size!

  • St
      11th of Apr, 2011
    Best Best Advice +6 Votes

    Bounty has clearly altered it's formula. The towels no longer have that thicker, softer feel but are hard and thin and not as absorbent. They remind me of low-end, budget paper towels. I'm going looking for the better brand Bounty used to be.

  • Ha
      22nd of Oct, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I have my own complaint, quality. I agree that select a size is awful, but if some people like it so be it, but the quality has completely changed and almost any paper towels are better now. Have switched to Viva because Bounty constantly disappointed and frustrated me, tearing outside of the cut marked, leaving shreds and splitting right up the center when we try to tear off, it has become impossible and Bounty is no longer generous about making it right and correcting the problems, they just do not care! so neither do I.

  • Ty
      22nd of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Select a size sucks.

  • Bi
      31st of Jan, 2012
    +5 Votes

    It 's not the select size that has everyone up in arms, it's the thickness of the towel. Proctor & Gamble decided to change to a thinner towel to decrease the cost to make the towel. Reminds me of when Coca Cola changed the formula and called it New Coke.
    The new Bounty is not a little thinner, it's much thinner. P&G had 3 choices. They could have decreased the count per roll, increased the cost or lowered the quality. Unfortunately, they sacrificed quality. People for years have been used to nice thick super absorbent paper towel. Even if the new towel is as absorbent as the old, which it isn't, the connotation in people's mind is "thicker is more absorbent than thinner." I have no idea what P&G was thinking. If it ain't broke, don't fix it certainty applies here.

  • Ch
      1st of Feb, 2012
    +4 Votes

    i just bought a 12 "super" roll select-a-size pack from sam's club. i could tell immediately they were thinner, but compared with an old one just to make sure. hold it up to the light and it's clear there is now less fiber. you can see way more light through the new ones. also, now less absorbent and not as strong; they tear easier. there is not as much embossing and the quilting pattern is different. it feels like a store brand now. BUMMER!! they have not only cheapened the product, they have raised the price! BOOOOO, P&G! call their help line 1-800-N-BOUNTY. the operator tried to convince me i was the only one who had noticed this and complained.

  • Ri
      19th of Feb, 2012
    +5 Votes

    Proctor and Gamble should have not taken away so much of the quality of this product without the customers being aware! I, for one, thought that "our usual" paper towels seemed much thinner; but we probably went through 2-3 packages of rolls before we were sure. For years, we have used ONLY their paper towels for many different jobs. For quite some time, I had been using a small number of sheets of their original product for WRAPPING UP THE FROZEN GEL PACKS I use to lessen the pain and misery of lower back and knee degeneration. The first things I began to notice were that the packs became nearly impossible to wrap; the gel packs began to constantly slide out of those paper towels, and the towels were easily ripping apart and not doing the job, It was hard to believe, but I KNEW THAT THIS HAD TO BE A DIFFERENT PRODUCT! As a senior citizen who never needed more than 3-4 sheets to hold the largest of gel packs, I am extremely DISAPPOINTED and will also have to find another paper towel that will do the job, since NO QUANTITY of these PARTICULAR sheets will work for me! I wish the company would reconsider and change back to their original product, which was excellent for every need that we had... If the company is suffering financially (?), I would be willing to pay a little more for the RIGHT paper towels, which are a medical necessity!!

  • Ma
      7th of Jun, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I am a constant purchaser of your Bounty Towels. Recently I purchased paper towels with a SKU #37000 28876 3. There were also smaller numbers to the left of the SKU 99610829-S & 99610827-S. I don't know if any of these numbers help but I must say for the first time I was very disappointed with the product. Upon removing the plastic wrapping and trying to prepare the towels for use they came all apart. They separated and became a very thin one (1) ply towel. I know this may seem not a big deal to you but with the price of things today I expect a 100% fully functional product. I will still continue to use the product and hope in the future the quality will return to my satisfaction as it always was in the past. Thank you!

    Matthew Foley

  • Mi
      17th of Jun, 2012
    +3 Votes

    I've been using Bounty Paper Towels since 1982 when I started a home cleaning business. I always requested that my clients leave a role of Bounty on the kitchen counter because it was the best and it didn't leave any lint. I have been very happy with Bounty until a few months ago when I noticed they were leaving a lot of lint behind on my black appliances and mirrors. They also did not feel as soft or as thick. This is very disappointing and I will begin buying other less expensive paper towels since I no longer feel Bounty is worth the premium price. It was a great product and now it's just an overpriced ordinary product. Too bad.

    Vanessa Van Keuren

  • Ki
      31st of Aug, 2013
    +5 Votes

    Please bring back the old Bounty. I have been buying and using Bounty for mire years than I can remember. I could always count on my Bounty, Now I will not buy Bounty any more until you make it right again. Guess I will have to shop for another brand So sad!!!

  • La
      3rd of May, 2014
    +4 Votes

    We shop at Costco and normally buy Bounty Select-A-Size in White. On our last trip to Costco they only had printed Bounty Select-A-Size, so even though I didn't care for the looks I purchased them. What a disappointment. The towels that had any red dye on them bled pink all over, leaving pink streaks wherever I had cleaned. The paper towels with only blue and green on them, did not bleed. The red dye did not stain but I had to re-clean everything. Are you just sending these printed towels to Costco so that the consumer is forced to buy them?

  • Jm
      12th of May, 2014
    +3 Votes

    The quality of Bounty paper towels as gone down the toilet! I can't believe they took a wonderful product and ruined it. Obviously it must be about money. Unfortunately they won't be getting any more of my money. Why pay more for a cheap product. I am now going to go on a hunt for a worthy product to use. Such a sad commentary from a customer who has used Bounty her whole adult life...(and I am no spring chicken).

  • Ro
      1st of Sep, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Bounty paper towels with "Select-a-size" are terrible. One piece is too small for most tasks and two come apart and you are left with useless pieces. I liked to use them instead of handkerchiefs, but with the seam in the middle, the snot blows out of the towel. I can see if you are given a choice and half the paper towels were one kind or the other, OK. I am sure some prefer the other for small spills, but we need full sheets for most tasks. Today I went to seven stores and it was all select-a-size. I bought Scott towels and if this is where Proctor and Gamble is going, I will buy Scott or some other brand from now on.

    Robert Pollack

  • Al
      21st of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    Bounty select a size is a fantastic idea and a good product but has now gotten wider by slightly more than an inch. This means more waste. They could have been made narrower and if I needed more I could tear off extra.

  • Do
      7th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    Yes you are right. The comment before mine is the reason I came here. I actually liked the select a size concept because I can choose how much I want as opposed to being forced to using a massive sheet for a small mess. However, select a size in itself has changed. I'm assuming the company realized people were using less paper toeels because of the size of the sheet, what is their solution to money loss ? Lmfao let's increase the size of the select a size sheet itself so the consumer uses more again. So first, , you guys make a huge sheet, then you make a smaller sheet to show people you care (even though I'm not stupid because quality itself decreased ), then you slowly increase the size of select a size in hopes people wouldn't notice. Well you know what p&g, newsflash, we f-ING notice and it's frustrating as f/$%&. Go back to normal size then and save us the hassle of paper being ripped in middle because of the Un needed dotted line. Make up your minds and get your ish together because you are losing customers daily, me included. I can't stand companies that want to nickel and dime you and slowly cap out their product in hopes customers are blind. We aren't newbies. Some of us have been using your product since the late 60s early 70s so WE KNOW WASSUP Y'ALL . boycott bounty!!! Shame on you greedy bas$t@rds

  • Ci
      25th of Nov, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I am looking for a different brand of paper towels now, for months now i have been running out way before my time, i have used bounty for over 20 yrs but will not use anymore, i have found you are ripping us off, i buy the huge packs which would last my family for a month, now i get 2 weeks out of them, u cheat and lie to us saying 12 rolls makes more when in all actuality the rolls have decreased in size and amount and we pay more money!! this to me is bad marketing and i for one like a deal not a ripoff ...It makes me sad to see you big company's taking advantage of dumb consumers that will not notice their is less and less on the rolls...Grow up and change your marketing skills before they wake up and u have no company at all...

  • Le
      8th of Dec, 2015
    +1 Votes

    thank you for all the information guys i have i school project on this...!!!

  • Le
      8th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    thank you for the information cause i have a school project on this so !!

  • Pi
      31st of Aug, 2016
    +2 Votes

    A year ago, 12 rolls of 192 of "select sheets" each roll or 2304 total sheets or over 1000 sq ft. total of paper towels
    Recent purchase: 12 rolls of 145 "select sheets" each roll or 1740 total sheets or 796 sq ft. total of paper towel product.
    Today's purchase : 12 rolls of 131 "select sheets" each roll or 1572 total sheets or 708 sq ft. total of paper towel product.
    Product is of a lesser in quality, less in volume, less in consumer satisfaction. Sorry, last time Bounty. You have lost this customer.

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