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We continue to receive bills from Bottom Line Books for things we did not order or subscribe to. Three weeks ago we received a package from them and returned it unopened marked "REFUSED - RETURN TO SENDER". Also within the last few days we received BOTTOM LINE Health "SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE ISSUE - WINTER 2016" with a red banner and yellow letters "WE WANT YOU BACK!". This is printed on the front and the back We have no intention of subscribing to anything from Bottom Line and just want them to quit sending unrequested things and bills. If they ever served a good purpose, it appears they do not now and are only in business to scam the older generation. I am 78 years old and my wife is 75 years old. Please help us put an end to this harassment as we will no longer be pressured into paying money we do not owe just to get them "off our backs".

Dec 21, 2015
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      Apr 07, 2016

    I have purchased several books from Bottom Line Books in the past.

    I received a 2016 Bottom Line Yearbook recently that I did not order.

    I returned the book, unopened, saying that I did not order this book and to give me a credit.
    I also called their customer service and told her that I returned the book, did not order, and would she please give me credit. She said o.k., but the credit has not been applied to my credit card. So far it's been about four months now. I tried to contact their customer service email, and, to my surprise, it closed down my internet service. I repeated doing this because I couldn, t understand how this could happen. But in between trying to contavt their customer service, I got online for three diferent accounts with no problem. Went back to their website again, and again, it closed down my internet service.

    I also have mailed them a letter to take care of this and have not had any response.
    Does anyone have a solution? I don't know who to contact now.

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