Bottom Line Books / shipment of books without authorization

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Hi, I am Robert L. Pogue my address is: 14190 Co. Rd. 7240 Newburg, MO 65550 I had ordered a few books from you and asked that you not send anymore unless i specifically ordered them. two months ago you sent one and i went ahead and paid for it even though i didnt order it. Well you sent me another one and i put it back in my mailbox and wrote refused on it, returning it back to you. I have asked several time for you not to automatically send me books that if i want one i will order it from you but if you insist on sending them each month i will write refused on every one sending it back to you., I hope we understand one another, because i'm getting tired of this.
robert l pogue
14190 co rd. 7240
Newburg, MO 65550

Mar 17, 2017

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