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Global Summit House reviews & complaints

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Global Summit House - Book Publication

Global Summit House through its agent, Phil Ramos, has indicated it wants to and will publish my book "Does God Exist? - New Discoveries". I've paid over $4000 for said overall publication plus an additional $25 in advance for mailing a dozen hardcopies which were said to have been produced and mailed to me but have mysteriously been lost along the way. Phil says he's trying to track them down. What's going on here? Please look into this and get back to me. Thank you, Don Ackermann.

Desired outcome: Get it published and listed with Amazon and Ingram as promised or refund my money.

Donald, my name is David Keith Sumrell, my website is

You can find my phone number under Author, please give me a call about this group Global Summit House.


Please respond soon.

Global Summit House - Offering to be my literary agent

Here is a copy of the Global Summit House's introductory email to me: "Hi, Good Day! Be represented by our Literary Agent - COMMISSION BASIS ONLY! Are you an author who has already spent a lot of...

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Global Summit House - Website cancellation.

June/19/2021, a website was in the process of being setup with this company for $1000. June/22/2021, I cancelled the website due to my New Book Publishing Company was setting me one up. This company asked me to wave the $500.00 already sent to fully break free from there company. Now they set me up with a New Contract without my consent. Help me!

Desired outcome: I want them to stop harassing me. They got what they wanted.

Jun 21, 2021

Global Summit House - Email

I got the email below - how they got my address I don't know. And the funny thing is I DON'T HAVE A FINISHED BOOK for them to have selected or anything else. And there is none of it on social...

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Global Summit House - Amazon review program

I purchased an Amazon Review Program in July for $2029. This program was promoted as getting reviews for new authors. Reviews would appear and then mysteriously disappear a few weeks later. When questioned about this the company claimed it was Amazon that was removing the reviews and they had no control over this. Global Summit ended up providing a total of 9 reviews by the completion of the program. When questioned regarding the cost per unit, they said they had never promised a certain number of reviews and shouldn't be held accountable. Considering that ever review the book did receive was a 5 Star review, it isn't the product that is wanting, it is the predatory marketing service of Global Summit House and their refusal to make good on their services.

Dec 11, 2019

Global Summit House - bad, mysterious treatment

I'm a writer, I've several books published in the market. One day I got an interesting email from Global Summit House: Hi, Good day! How are you? I tried to reach you because my director would...

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