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I am still shaking, I have never been so insulted & humilated & degraded in my whole life!! My 13 year old daughter & I arrived at the Boston Pizza at Yonge & Sheppard at around 6ish. The restaurant was nearly empty. Despite that we waited at the hostess stand for a few minutes to be seated, while there were many staff members sitting at the table next to us. Eventually someone screamed for assistance & the manger BARRY PHOMMAVONG came to seat us! No hello, how are you. He did ask if we wanted to sit at the bar though?? He seated us in the very corner beside the lounge anyways. Our waitress came & and quickly & quiet inhospitably took our order, that's the last we would see of her for an hour. My daughter ordered fettachinni with a rose sauce & I salad app & a 7oz Newyork steak. I stressed a little pink, medium to well. A long while later a Young man delivered our entrees along with our appetizers. I asked him to take back the apps. Who eats two plates at once?? Still at this point I'm tolerating there here sous service. I figure I'll enjoy my entree & leave without desert until I cut into my steak. I had a
lengthy discussion with our server about what I consider med well & even if the cook was
confused I simplified it by asking for a little pink! It was of course, blue rare! Still I don't want to get upset & ruin my evening with my daughter. I figure when the waitress comes back for a quality check I'll just ask her to return it to the grill. When she returns almost half an hour later, I no longer want a replacement. I explain it taken to long & politely ask for our bill. Instead of our bill Mr BARRY PHOMMAVONG, manger, came back & rudly inquired why I sent my entree
back. I explained the situation with great difficulty I might add. While he screamed & second guessed everything I said. Not wanting to make a scene infront of my child, I explained I was how I was frustrated & done with this experience & that I would like bill so I can leave. He said fine, retrieved my bill, turned & uttered the most disgusting, racial comment I have ever heard in my life!!! He speed away before I could even process it. I was in such disbelief, I told myself he couldn't possibly have said that!! I decide at this point to just pay & leave or else I was going lose it. AND THEN??????? I still can't believe it!! We leave our table & head for the door passing BARRY POOMMAVONG, instead of saying Thank You, I'm sorry, goodnight he stands there giving us
very dirty looks. I hadn't even gotten two feet infront of him when I heard him scream infront of the whole restaurant, which has filled up by now. HEY YOU, YOU DIDNT PAY YOUR BILL!! & comes charging at us. I turn & confront him, when he looks at the waitress who's just checking the bill fold for payment! I'm still in shock!! MR PHOMMAVONG you are a RACIST, IGNORANT, ABUSIVE MAN!!!?

Boston Pizza

Jul 25, 2015
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      Jul 20, 2016

    Hi Laylazlayla,

    It has been over a year now, and I am sorry you felt this way. I am pretty sure my superiors at the time have extended there thoughts, and /or tried to reach out, so they can try and rectify this in a civil manner. To my acknowledgement, I am still shocked that this compliant is still up regarding myself. I no longer work for the Boston Pizza Company, and that specific location is shut down. I am looking to bury the "hatchet" with you after some time has passed, and although I wish every comment would be a nice one in regards to working in this industry, it is not possible. For the last time, on behalf of myself, and Boston Pizza (at the time), we are sorry for the dining experience you went through, and I did what I could at the time to rectify the situation at hand, and I am pretty sure my superiors went above and beyond to help solve this problem a year ago.

    Kind Regards,

    Barry Phommavong

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      Aug 24, 2016

    DATE: Aug 24, 2016

    This is COMPLAINT is "RE-SOLVED". It is currently under investigations with the proper authorities at hand. This complaint is abusive, judgemental, and very discriminating towards the person mentioned at hand (Barry Phommavong). Please discard this review, as it should have never been posted in the first place.


    Authorities at hand

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