Boston Pizza / horrible wait staff (anya)

My family and I met up with my cousin and her family for dinner at Boston Pizza on April 17 around 5:30. We were greeted and sat down and a fairly clean table (my spot had interesting stains left from before- and it could have easily been cleaned off- but not the complaint).
The waitress took about ten minutes before coming over to us (and it really wasn't busy- there were maybe five - seven other tables and about four waitresses we could see) and when she took our drink orders I could already tell how "nice" she was going to be. My son (who is 5) wanted to have some Chamomile tea- now other mothers may appreciate the fact that a 5 year old didn't want a sugary drink and instead have something calming like Chamomile tea!! Well, we order his tea- and the waitress gave me this look as if I was crazy for ordering tea. She scoffed and GLARED at me!!! I'm sorry, but in what world is it alright to glare at a paying customer?! It's not like I was going to pour boiling hot water down my son's throat! Who is she to judge what a child drink? Isn't it better to have kids drink something somewhat healthy rather than sugar laden drinks? Maybe my son really did want something warm to drink? In what world does she hold ANY right to scoff at a 5 year old's drink choice?!?!

Fine, she wrote down the order and I ordered a cranberry juice with lime.

When our drinks arrived, my son got his tea which was good, but my cranberry juice came with Lemon. Unless she's colour blind- it's not the same thing! And when I looked at the drink and didn't say anything, and she had the nerve to say "what? Isn't that a cranberry juice?" in a nasty tone of voice! I didn't even bother asking for a corrected drink.

Then she took FOREVER to come take our orders- we were there probably another twenty minutes before she came back to take our order. And when she did- she took the 3 kids orders first, and then left. She didn't even give us a chance to order for the 4 adults. Ok- we thought fine, get the kids' food first. But it didn't really matter because all the food came out at the same time (which again took forever!)

This waitress Anya was absolutely terrible! She got almost EVERY order wrong, and we just didn't bother saying anything because she honestly looked like a person who would spit into our food. She was a complete nightmare and I honestly wish we didn't even go there tonight.

OH!! And when we finally did get our checks to pay- she WALKED off! Who walks off when getting paid? Obviously she cared so little about her job that she would rather not get paid than treat people properly!

Honestly- never going back to this location again. The manager looked sloppy- no tie, shirt was untucked and hair was a mess. The food was only ok- not very fresh. Service was terrible beyond belief.

Very disappointed.

Apr 17, 2016

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