Borderlinxshipping company

I ordered a stroller from a merchant in the us and arranged to have borderlinx ship the package to the uk. The merchant sent the wrong item and arranged with borderlinx to have it returned to them. Borderlinx provided a shipping confirmation (2 weeks ago) for the returned item but have not returned it! Instead they are now trying to charge me a fee to return it and are withholding the package. After reading reviews I am certainly not paying them a penny! The merchant have already arranged return and covered labels etc. Yet borderlinx still have not returned the item but claim to have done so?! Seem to be trying to keep hold of the item... Very untrustworthy and dishonest.
Borderlinx's so called ‘customer service ninja's' are a joke. You have to have the patience to wait in online chat for hours or wait for a min of 4 days for a reply to your email to receive a generic response... Repeatedly. There are no contact numbers and no complaints department... Big surprise.. Customer service is non-existent.

Dec 11, 2017

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