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Border linx advertises that you can get an item shipped and they look after everything including duties. You prepay all these costs. I received a U.S. address to order goods and then Borderlinx ships the goods from the U.S. to Canada. The adress is actually a DHL branch. Borderlinx has an exclusive partnership agreement with DHL. Surprisingly, DHL came to my door and demanded money. I had to pay since my goods were now held for ransom. Borderlinx refuses to refund the full amount of the shipping charges. Basically, I am only claiming what DHL charged me at the door in Canadian funds. Borderlinx is using some arbitrary date and then applying an exchange rate to come to a lesser price, of course. Just pay me what I wasn't supposed to get charged but did by DHL. It doesn't get simpler.

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  • Go
      Nov 16, 2009

    Borderlinx is a group of scam artists, they wait until you ship your item to your address with them, then they raise the weight to make more money from the shipping fee !

    I ordered a digital camera from B & H and the tracking number from B&H indicated 3 Lbs.


    After several complain emails, they said that they had to repackage and add "Bubble wrap" protection to my package, which is total BS... because my camera came in a bubble warped envelope.

    Borderlinx sucks big time !!! NEVER EVER AGAIN !

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  • Bb
      Jan 08, 2010

    Borderlinx SUCKS!!!

    dont trust their Cost Calculator and dont even think about using Borderlinx!

    I trust what they promote themselves on their website and the calculator; i shipped my items to them at the first place.

    They TRIPLED the weight that i have accurately calculated with my seller. so as the charges...more than DOUBLED up!

    Then, I tried to use a promotion code that I got by registering to borderlinx. hoping to save me some unreasonable fees. it didn't work and i tried to contact their Live Chat customer service.

    The 1st time, their said they will look it to that and give me a reply within 48 hours. of coz, i didn't even get a word from them. so i tried 2nd time to the Live Chat, they are able to check my previous enquiry and said since the "department" didnt reply them and that's why i didnt get a word from them. They promised to get back to me within 24 hours. I said okay. but of course I didnt believe in that kind of promise twice. so i go on to send their customer service an email and request a response to the same issue. The automatic system replied and said i would get some response within 12 hours. = =

    At last, i got a reply saying my promotion period has just expired. Just on the day they gave me a reply. oh i still got my items at your storage after more than 10 days of waiting for a reply on enquiry. i could wait anymore since it was some presents for a friend's birthday, so i decided to ship my items no matter how much it is.

    I was forced to pay the tax and duty which the "customer service" said it's an advanced payment which the Canadian Custom would charge. They told me they will pay the custom on behalf of me to avoid delay of delivery. A week later, I got a DHL delivery with an "collect on delivery" charge of 300 CAD!!! now the customer service told me to pay DHL on delivery first and ask DHL for a receipt...send to Borderlinx and they will refund to me the tax and duty which i doubt if I can trust them.

    Here is the actual calculation compare to them.

    Items worth: 900 CAD
    Borderlinx charges(CAD): 39.81 (duty) + 128.96 (tax) + 129.95 (shipping)
    DHL charges (CAD): 307.33

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  • Sw
      Jun 29, 2010

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  • Ha
      Aug 09, 2010

    Same here. I bought a screen protector, not even the glass type from Amazon and paid $5 for shipping. Borderlinx charged me $53 dollars to ship that item and said that the volumentric weight is actually 7.67kg or 16 lbs. Unbelievable.

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  • Ha
      Oct 08, 2010

    same here the Borderlinx people can push up the weight like no one business...i even had UPS to back me up on the shipping weight which is 4Lbs which is approximately 1.8-2kg...borderlinx conveniently put a 8.5kg tag on my item and shipped it even i have sent an email and talk to their live chat representatives...which they say dun worry they are already looking into it.
    if i could i wish i could announce what cheaters and scammers they are... ...and stop everyone from getting service from them.

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  • Ic
      Aug 21, 2017

    saya lebih suka menggunakan Viabox. saya rasa Viabox lebih baik dari pada Borderlinx. selain harganya lebih murah, pelayanannya juga cepat.

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  • Ma
      Mar 06, 2018

    How I wish that I read these comments before I made use of Borderlinx. I am not even worried about the exorbitant bizarre shipping fees. My problem is that my package has been at Borderlinx since the 1st of February up to today the 06th of March in a "being processed" state. I have tried the live chat, e-mail etc. repeatedly. Their customer services just keeps telling me that they have not received a response from their warehouse. They absolutely never come back to you as promised. They refuse to answer any of my questions other than with that party line. I repeatedly asked for a way to escalate the problem or to claim damage for an item they lost (by the way, try clicking on log a claim on that website, which takes you absolutely nowhere), only to be referred back to their generic customer services e-mail address. A sure sign that nobody is actually willing to do anything about this. Yesterday someone on their chat line finally told me that their warehouse confirmed that the item would be shipped yesterday. Not surprisingly today, it is still "being processed" and to my knowledge nothing has happened. No Service, dubious ethics and exorbitant pricing...

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  • Me
      Sep 01, 2018
    Borderlinx - they took delivery but they say they do not
    United States

    in the arms of the match. but the cargo is not delivered. they deflected me. kargom param all gone

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  • Bk
      Oct 15, 2018
    Borderlinx - Shipping
    United kingdom
    United Kingdom

    These theives stole my package and had me waiting for over 4 months before they closed shop without shipping

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  • Ah
      Oct 21, 2018
    Borderlinx - over priced shipping cost

    i ordered 2 items from amazon USA, borderlinx over estimated the cost, i sent them the invoices they updated . however the shipping cost wasn't changed yet. it is not logic that the shipping is 1.5 the cost of the items


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