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Borderlinx is the most bogus service ever. You fall for the advertising and then you shop for products. The problem comes afterwards when you have to ship it to your address. They take volumetric weight and have an amazing formula for even a piece of cloth of t shirt. L*B*H*65 etc. What comes out of the same is that a top or t shirt is weighed in at 6.5 kg and thus a 40$ shirt will cost you 150$ to ship. Why was this never told. On top of that if you dont ship it for 30 days 5$ for each day and then after another 30 days they will auction the item or sell it without consent. This is a trap that they are running


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      Aug 01, 2011

    I got a prize structure:guaranteed that i have won $1, 100, 000, 00 in prize money:my Sweepstakes ID Number is [protected]-I call that number & they did not give me my money.I need that money for my kids i have no money now for my kids.###-holes- i love my kids very much that was wrong. give me my money please my kids have nothing to eat or play with. i need help for food& a car i need one please thank-you very much. god-bless you . James T Baker SR.

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      Aug 01, 2011 is excellent service

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  • S
      Dec 04, 2011

    Totally agree, I bought a dvd Valued $6.99 and am expected to pay $34 for shipping to Australia. WTF. I'm expecting another delivery, so will combine them. Will I be charged double or is it a one off payment? I wish I'd read these reviews before I went ahead with this. The most galling things are my bank suggested this to me (and other customers) by linking their AMEX to Borderlinx, so I thought I'd trust them. Silly me, we all know not to trust them. Also, today I checked out Amazon, where I bought my dvd and PS3 game and saw they have international shipping, as low as $4.99 and maximum about $12.99. Bah!

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  • W
      Dec 09, 2011

    Same thing happened to me. I bought jeans and a shirt from and they're just worth less than $20 but the shipping costs $67! The items are with them and I dont plan to ship them anymore. Do u guys think, I've made the right decision not to ship them anymore? Thanks! -Waldorf24

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  • O
      Jan 18, 2012

    I had similar experience, items were sent to Borderlinx from vendor via FedEX and weight showed 2.2kg but BL charged me for 5.67 kg. I checked both FedEx ad BL's formulae for voumetric weight calculation, they are exactly the same!! And their Live Chat staff is horrendous - either they asked me to dump my stuff to save shipping cost or use uppercase during chats! I won't use them again!

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  • C
      Jan 24, 2012

    Borderlinx is confirmed to be a scam. I ordered several items and to my horror they charge shipping for each item individually instead of as a single consolidated package. Comgateway charge for everything one time. Now my shipping cost is ten times as much. So next, I asked for a return and they say i need to pay them $35 just for UPS to pick up from borderlinx. I was like what?!
    Nevermind, I paid up and then they proceeded to block me from contacting them using customer service. Payment made, items at their location suddenly lost and returns not made...
    Can someone tell me Borderlinx is not a scam...

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  • I
      Aug 20, 2017

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