At approx: 1:15pm on Friday 18-08-2017 i was as often was the case shopping at the cooked meat counter as i had always been satisfied with the basic quality of the goods and service.On this occasion however after i had been queing for a very considerable period of time without service i eventually became indisputably next in line for service and began to recite my order to one of three members of staff behind the counter.In the meantime another female customer had appeared from nowhere, stood at the front of the line and interfering with my ordering and was served by your staff in preference to me even though i was clearly first.Obviously i protested at this and asked to see the manager and only after some time and arguing was the only male person behind the counter brought to listen to me.As it quickly became clear that this person was not the main shop manager i persisted with requirement to see that person and only after some considerable time/arguing was the manager eventually brought down to see me and offered absolutely nothing in the way of apology or assurance of future improvement.All the staff involved demonstrated a strictly "no can do" and arrogant attitude to me a long standing customer of Booths.My custom with Booths has now ended on a permanent basis and, moreover, i will be actively soliciting my relatives, friends and acquaintances to do the same to the extent that if they do not they will lose my friendship.

Mr. J. Mawdsley
17 Titan Court
Lancs PR7 3FG.

Aug 22, 2017

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