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D Feb 04, 2020

Shopping in booths this morning there were again no checkouts other than one express 10 max item til. This was despite me asking a member of staff if I could go through the other tils as I had a trolly full of shopping. There were lots of staff chatting, filling shelves and filling forms. I had to queue with a trolly and then try to pile my 19 items ( mainly large bags of vegetables) on the small area by express til. The assistant then had to attempt to balance the shopping on the other side. I then had to hold my shopping bags in the air to gather the shopping into the bags while a queue of people behind me watched. I have joint problems and this is cause pain which is why I wanted to go through the check out with a conveyor belt as I can put the bags down whilst I pack them. I then had to find my cup for my coffee at the bottom of the bags. i gave up on trying to find my receipt for the car parking as I just didn't have enough hands. All this with 2 boys to watch at the same time.
This is not unusual but is probably the most embarrassing time. Booths Kendal has a reputation for poor customer service and I can understand why.
Deborah Pelly

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