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Shoppers reviews & complaints

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Shoppers - Seafood

Orders seafood for my birthday yesterday .
Tyson told me the price was for crab legs $135
10 pounds and for 5 pounds shrimps $40.00
Well when I came in to pick up the price was totale different. I paid much more.
I paid for the crab legs $180.00 and much more for the schrimps too. I try to tell the lady that Tyson told me a different price, but she did not listen that all and ignored it.
Shrimps we're over cooked.
I bought mussels which were smelling and bad sensed up growing in the trash.
I don't have to go shopping in shoppers, I can go in the Comesasry on base too.
Everybody in my kitchen agreed there were bad.
So how can this matter be resolved before I contact better Buisness b .
Thank you,
Martina Sims

Shoppers - Unprofessional customer service

Shoppers Food in Bowie Maryland on several occasions unprofessional people working for them. On today 12/12 Saturday at the hot food bar there was an unprofessional African male working there. I had...

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Aug 30, 2020

Shoppers - Chicken salad

I purchased a chicken salad from the largo, maryland location. I was eating the chicken and had an object stuck in my gum when I was chewing. It appeared to be part of an animal. I called customer...

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Nov 30, 2019

Shoppers - deli /seafood

There's a employee that work in the Deli and seafood area his name is Dennis I frequent the store 2-3 times a week when he's working he is all over the store with Latex gives on in and out then he...

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Nov 10, 2019

Shoppers - cashier

After nearly twenty years of business with Shoppers Food Warehouse, I've regrettably considered pulling the plug. Last night, I experienced a one-sided tussle with a sassy cashier I believe may have...

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Shoppers - my mom fell off the mobile scooter..

On April 14 2019 . sherry Allen was on a mobile at Shoppers food warehouse on Martin Luther King Hwy in landover md. In king shopping center when she finished shopping in the store she started towards the parking lot and as the video shows the wheel on the cart was broken and should have been takin off the floor i also made serval attempts to contact the store manager but no success i have been calling and going to the store but everytime i go they tell me no one here can help me because the crew that was on duty no longer works at that store i have video footage. And there was a shoppers EMPLOYEE that called to check on her . she loves your prices and employees. But this is very unacceptable. So can someone please contact us [protected] or [protected]... And also i would like to say Monique the shift manager needs a raise great job missy... Thank you enjoy the rest of your day. My mom was injured very badly by this incident that caused her to have to go to rehabilitation, and numerous doctors appointment.

Update by Tonya malone
Jul 07, 2019

Here is the photos

Update by Tonya malone
Jul 07, 2019

This is the attached file of my mom falling off a broken scooter at shopper on martin luther King hwy but thanks to Monique great peraon luv ya babes

Feb 24, 2019

Shoppers - expired food

This is literally about the 5th time that I have purchased food with a expired expiration date from this location. Around the 2nd or 3rd time, I decided to mostly check my items for freshness but the...

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Jan 09, 2019

Shoppers - customer service

I have been shopping at this store for years. With the exception of a couple of cashiers, the rest have horrible customer service skills. They don't assist you with a smile and you can tell they...

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Nov 20, 2018
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Shoppers - customer service / cashier

Hi. I have been a loyal Shoppers customer for many years and have always been happy with the service I have received and the products I have purchased. However, last Thursday, November 15th, while...

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Sep 29, 2018

Shoppers - manager

I went to buy some flowers and one of the workers was arranging the fruit the manager came to shout at the employee very loud and ugly in front of all the people to me if a worker does something wrong the best thing is to call him at the office and call him the attention but do not shout in front of all customers my 8 year old son was with me and even he said that the manager was not friendly and was rude to the employee

Aug 16, 2018

Shoppers - young security guard with golds in his mouth

I'm a working woman!! I took my family members to the grocery store at 11:30 he proceeded to say "we close in 20 mins. I said I know then he said "I'm glad you know " then he followed us around...

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Shoppers - pharmacy

So I had seen my doctor, he gave me a Rx which i took next door to Shopper's Drug Mart in Belle River, Ontario to be filled. I waited my turn, handed my Rx to the girl behind the counter who scanned the Rx and entered it into the system. She gave me a buzzer to carry while i waited. After 45 minutes i went and asked if it had come up. She again took my name. After 60 minutes, the pharmacist calls me up and says it is available on the shelf and would i like to purchase. If my Rx was available to purchase off the shelf, WHY on earth did it take an HOUR for someone to tell me? I will NEVER have another Rx filled by this store again. New system? I guess customer service means when we get around to talking to you, after you've bugged us.
When Wilf owned the store, heads would have rolled over something like that.

Aug 08, 2018

Shoppers - store service

I went to Shoppers located at 6500 Eastern Avenue to get a few things Bread, milk, and snacks for the kids on August 7, 2018 at 9:30pm. After rounding all the items I wanted in my basket I proceeded to the checkout line. 1 register and 2 self checkout registers were open. The lines had at least 12-15 people in each line. I stood in a line for over 25 mins for me to get to the self checkout register and it to read no cash/ credit or debit only. Now I had to go to another line and stand for even longer. If a register is not excepting cash a sign needs to be place on the outside so everyone getting in line can see. I wasted almost an hour standing in line with my children way past their bed time. And when I addressed this with the manager on duty I got shrugged off. The store needs more cashiers for one and for two you should have all employees take a customer service training so they can learn how to address customers. Common senseless is not so common anymore, to bad there is not a training for that also. I had a horrible experience at this store and doult I will return unless I'm in a bind.

Jun 22, 2018

Shoppers - cashier

While visiting the DC area from NC, I was shopping at the Shoppers Food Warehouse in Landover, MD. There was a sale for General Mills cereal for 4 boxes from 12-19 oz. There were some Kellogg's cereals in the same area. To make a long story short, the cereal issue was resolved thanks to the male store manager that was called by the customer service cashier. My complaint is for the initial cashier, Oscar J. He was rash and rude. His attitude was not customer friendly and he even spoke harshly about his co-workers wanting him to always do things he didn't have the authority. He even began venting to the next customer in line about my issue, whom he did not know was my relative. He seemed to be a very disgruntled employee with a bad attitude.

May 28, 2018

Shoppers - obtaining money order and or getting quarters / using customer service line

On two separate occasions I went to shoppers to get quarters and or quarters for my weekly clothes washing and both times were terrible experiences. The front cashiers are rude and or disrespectful. They make customers staying in long lines when obtaining quarters or asking for change before purchasing any items. I have shopped at shoppers since I was a child were my parent and I go to at least three time per week. I will not shop at this food chain and will continue my family friend and colleagues not to shop at this food chain because of the rude and disrespectful services

Mar 25, 2018

Shoppers - manager' behavior

I am a frequent local shopper. Several times as I am checking out my products, the African American older manager constantly stares and says something about me to the person monitoring the self...

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Jan 31, 2018

Shoppers - rude store worker

An employee named Bob frequently mans the self-service checkout aisles at the store in Olney, MD. I have seen Bob confront women several times when the equipment malfunctions. These malfunctions are frequent enough that we expect them each time we shop there. Bob has not confronted my wife when I am with her, but has done so 3 times when she was alone. This man is rude and offensive. The last straw was several weeks ago when the belt stopped again. I had just stepped away to put an item we didn't want back on the shelf. Bob came over and accused my wife of "throwing" the items down the belt. He then picked up a can and tossed it down the unit himself! I saw the end of this confrontation as I returned to the check out. My son was present and kept me calm; we agreed to talk to the manager about Bob's incredible behavior.

Jan 11, 2018

Shoppers - management

Complaint about employee who is listed as co-manager at shopper's in manassas, va:

Traffic/criminal case details
Case/defendant information
Case number : gc17012161-00 filed date : 10/20/2017 locality : commonwealth of va
Name : harris, charles david status : released on recognizance defense attorney :
Address : manassas, va 20109 aka1 : aka2 :
Gender : male race : white caucasian (non-hispanic) dob : 07/08/*
Charge information
Charge : petit larceny: 2nd offense
Code section : 18.2-96 case type : misdemeanor class : o
Offense date : 10/18/2017 arrest date : 10/18/2017 complainant : ball, a. w.
Amended charge : amended code : amended case type :
Hearing information
Date time result hearing type courtroom plea continuance code
10/26/2017 08:30 am continued arraignment 1
12/07/2017 09:00 am continued adjudicatory 3
01/22/2018 09:00 am
Disposition information

Final disposition :
Sentence time : 00months 000days 00hours sentence suspended time : 00months 000days 00hours
Probation type : probation time : 00years 00months 000days probation starts :
Operator license suspension time : 00years 00months 000days restriction effective date :
Operator license restriction codes :
Fine : costs : fine/costs due :
Fine/costs paid : fine/costs paid date : vasap :
why would you have in your employ someone who is a shoplifter and has or will go to court for it 2 times?

Nov 25, 2017

Shoppers - employee customer service

On 11/25/2017 I visited store #2637. I stopped in to grab one item on the way home and decided I would also like to purchase a lb. Of shrimp.

I approached the seafood counter where 3 women were working and conversing. After a minute or so, the younger of the 3 women said "what do you need" I was a bit confused because I was not aware that she was addressing me. I attempted to answer after a brief pause but then the woman said. "you looking and [censor]" as she walked off. I stood there in shock. Finallly another woman approached and asked what can she get for me.

After I received the shrimp, the young lady made her way back and gave me a really bad stare. I decided to contact the store manager who then said she would have a talk with the employee.

My experience today was awful. The worst o have ever seen and I think this woman is use to conducting herself that way while on the job.

I will never shop at that location again. If I can i️ will probably pass on shoppers overall. The service was unprofessional and also threatening.


Shoppers - check out

When I went to Shoppers to get some things, my daughter wanted some French bread. As we shopped she ate some of the bread. When we checked out some of the bread had fell out on the shelf where the bags sit and the cashier picked up the piece of bread and put it back in the bread bag. Now mind you she touched the bread with her bare hands. Um gross!

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