Boothsfood products smelling of washing powder

Dear sir/ madam
I regularly visit the st annes stores on heyhouses road.
Several months ago I bought some cheese from the pre wrapped fridge, (cheese that is cling filmed by staff) when we came to eat the cheese it had a definite smell of washing powder. My husband tasted some of the cheese and said that he could smell the washing powder as he was eating it. I took the cheese back and was given a refund, but this wasn't the first time I had noticed that the cheese was contaminated in this way. My feeling is that the cling film is stored next to the washing powder somewhere in the store, which takes on the smell of the washing powder and then transfers to cheese, contaminating it. Last week I bought filled pasta from the fridge and the outer packaging smelt strongly of washing powder. How does a chilled product come to be anywhere near washing powder. Today I have bought potatoes and a Savoy cabbage and found that they too smelled strongly of washing powder. Either in store or during the distribution chain washing powder is being stored next to food items or items that are coming into contact with food. As a food technologist myself I would strongly point out that this is not good practice as contamination via chemicals is taking place on a regular basis. I would very much appreciate if this matter could be investigated as it is not a problem that I have come across shopping in any other supermarket, except the Booths store I shop in, in st annes. As I have already mentioned this to staff in the store when I returned the cheese, it is a problems that has not been rectified.
Look forward to hearing from you. Jill wilson

Jan 22, 2018

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