Boothscustomer service in ulverston

I spoke to a gentleman on the customer service/till where tobacco and newspapers are sold at the front of the Ulverston store. The gentleman (who appeared to have some learning difficulties) was reading the newspaper when I approached him. I reported the ladies toilets were in a mess and needed attention. He said This had already been reported. I answered that clearly nothing had been done about it and he rudely replied that we can't just sort it out straight away you know, we have to get someone off the tills to go and do it! I have never been to such a badly run, untidy Booths store with such rude staff. I have always thought of Booths as an upmarket supermarket but this store really lets your company down. I look forward to hearing how you are going to respond to this problem.

Kind regards

Barbara Hubbold

Aug 04, 2018

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