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I purchased a carrier bag from the Garstang store in Lancaster, and felt very embarrassed when I boarded a bus for work at lunch time, of which the carrier bag had not been sealed correctly at the bottom. Which lead to the whole contents of the bag coming out Whilst I was purchasing my bus ticket. I had a chicken breast, 2 tomatoes, and a container of Pilo rice in the bag.

The chicken breast and the tomatoes rolled off the bus and onto the floor, the lid of the rice container came off which resulted in the rice spilling all over the bus, i had to use a large envelope containing important documents to clear the rice up off the floor of the bus.

A member of the public offered me a pep and co carrier bag, I apologised to the bus driver, who could not move the bus until the bus was cleared due to health and safety reasons. I felt publicly embarrassed and humiliated due to the incident which had just occurred.

I also had to purchase more food for my lunch. I am still in possession, of the original carrier bag and on examining it, it looks like when it was manufactured the carrier bag was not sealed properly. I am a regular customer in your store, I have never had a problem like this before. I do not know if they're a bag for life but certainly wasn't today. On reflection I was well and truly embarrassed but on the funny side, I thought my chicken breast going for a walk off the bus was pretty comical.

Hope you can give this your immediate attention, as it inconvenienced me, buying more food as it took time to purchase food which as a result didn't have time to have a coffee before I started my job.

The reason I shop in your Garstang branch is because I have property in the local area.

Hope to here from you within seven working days

Elaine France
42 Mallory Road
Newton Hyde
SK14 4DU

Aug 22, 2017

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