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Type: complaint
To: boost mobile
Topic: service quality
Subject: quality and service is awful, boost is horrible, and I think boost knows it
Message: I went into the boost mobile store in winder, ga. June 22, 2009. I purchased a motorola i335 cell phone and prepaid 50. 00 for the unlimited talk, text and web. I thought it would be a great deal. I had already checked to make sure I was in the coverage area, according to the map online, I was in good coverage area. I used my phone outside and around town for about 4 hrs, made a few calls, of which one call was breaking up when I was outside of wal - mart, and I had one dropped call.
But the real problem started when I couldn't use my phone inside. I then called customer care with boost to trouble shoot, at which time the call was breaking up and I went outside and around my yard, I then discovered that I couldn't make calls inside or even around my home. I had to go down the street. Boost customer care was saying all the time we can't hear you, you are breaking up. . .See Top 10 Worst Companies in Winder, GACan you go somewhere and get a better signal??? No!!! Then I went back to my local winder boost mobile, (Not radio shack) where the owner, did a factory reset. . . Still same problem. I went back yet again for the 3rd time at which time I traded my phone for another i335, still same thing. I go back again and find out that I need to upgrade my phone and pay another 30. 00 to do this. Still same thing, I call customer care again to trouble shoot the new phone. It doesn't work. I go back to the store for the 5th time and find out that I can only get back my money for the phone, not the money for the first month service. The owner explains to me that I bought the sim card and it is mine. . . "sell it on ebay or something, it is yours, you bought it. " it is my ported number, sell it on ebay!!! I'm furious at this point. I then call boost mobile customer service, at which time I am informed that it is only according to the individual store policy, if I get a refund. They can not help me.
While I was in the store another individual came in the store and couldn't get service either.
Boost you need to efund my 50. 00 immediately.

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  • Ri
      Apr 19, 2009
    Boost Downloads - I downloaded a game of spades and got nothing i want the money back on the phone or i will go with a nother phone comp
    United States

    Where is my game of spades or the money back on my phone

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