Boost Mobilekeeping my credit balance is not acceptable

After negotiating the endless prompts on your phone customer service line, I reached an agent. The reason for my call was to get my account number to facilitate porting my number to a different carrier. I had no issues with Boost besides access to customer service, but Sprint network has too many dead zones in my area that I could no longer live with. At the same time, I asked how to get a refund of the $15 credit that I had left on my Auto-Boost account for the purpose of paying for apps or music.

Apparently, I had left the money on account for too long so I was told there was no recourse. I demanded to be transferred to a supervisor and the slug who the call was transferred to was not rude but his lack of interest in my issue came through loud and clear with his tone and his responses. If that guy worked for Customer Service at any other company he would never have reached the level of supervisor. I wish I had recorded this, so I could send it to my friends in Customer Service as a demonstration of how your tone comes through when speaking to a customer. I finally asked for an additional contact to escalate my issue and was given an email address for [protected]@sprint. I sent an email on 1/5/17 and got a blank response.

The appropriate solution would have been to reverse my last payment for a full month of service and to rebill my account less the $15 credit. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau this morning and will continue to post my negative experience regarding Boost’s failure to return my money on every website that I can think of. This was the course of action I communicated to your Executive Team but apparently it did not make an impression.

My account is paid through the 21st. I imagine I could still download some music and apps that I don’t need rather than let Boost keep it, but I would rather have my $15. After taxes, this is 2 hours of pay for me and I don’t intend to let it be absorbed by a corporate entity that did nothing to earn it.

Jan 12, 2017

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