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Dear Customer Service of,
For years I have used services and never had problems before. Quite the contrary, whenever I could, I spread this platform between my relatives and my friends
The episodes below, however, have been a threat to this good relationship with
With two friends, we rented an apartment in London through, for the period from November 3rd to 18th, 2018. We are professors in Brazil and we had to develop a project in that city.
Since our arrival at the apartment, however, we realized that it was extremely different from what is advertised on Furthermore, as the days went by, we had to face several problems, some of them very serious, such as: (a) the lack of heating in one of the rooms, for 4 days; (b) the rainwater infiltration into one of the bedrooms, with the water falling from the ceiling and dripping onto the floor; and (c) the presence of mice in the apartment, putting our health at risk.
These and other problems are described in details, in addition they are proved by photos in the attached report file. Likewise, the attached videos show the presence of both gutter in the bedroom and mice feces in the kitchen, behind the refrigerator.
The problems we face have made our time spent into the apartment really awful. We paid £2, 157.98 to have a very clean, and functional, and nice apartment. What we had instead was disappointment, stress and indignation.
We reported several of the problems we encountered in the apartment to City Relay (the managing agency) and also for (via e-mail at [protected], but the most we got was a promise of 15% refund of what we paid for the stay.
We considered this proposal disrespectful taking into account all the annoyance, discomfort we were forced to face and the risk to our health we have had because of the poor services received and lack of assistance.
For this reason, I would like to ask the Customer Service Department of for a more respectful and more compatible compensation in view of the presented situation.
I sincerely hope that puts the comfort and safety of their customers first.
I am available to provide any further information or complementary document (I have more photos and videos of the apartment, as well as all messages exchanged with City Relay and
Best regards,
Everardo Ramos

Nov 24, 2018

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