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Booking number: [protected] for 4/22/17 thru 4/24/17. What a joke, claims to let you change or modify your reservation, quick and easy as well as any time on their website, with no hassle. This is not true and did not happen for me. I made our reservation then found out we needed to actually travel a week earlier so went online to change my reservation and was told I could not change or modify anything and further more would be charged even if we did not stay during that time and we were. So disgusted as I have complained several times and have been contacted by NO ONE! Will never use them again to book travel and if I can use word of mouth to stop others from using them I will.
This quote is actually directly off there home page:
Make changes to your booking, anytime
You can make changes, send a request or cancel in just a few clicks.
I would have even taken a credit for a further booking if any customer service person would have contacted me but it is now 5/6/17 and my change request was for 5/15 and still nothing. So much for customer service. has my money now so they care not.

May 6, 2017

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