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on the 03/12/18, I booked a apartment "Linton Apartments" it said non-refundable so I made sure to read thoroughly everything to make sure I was 100% sure with booking it. I read everything NOWHERE did I see it written how a "£300-500 CASH" deposit was expected for the night that I would be staying there, that I received after buying the room with the confirmation email. I called up 3 times, each time told I would be informed on the status of my request - for a refund. I was given excuses that the manager wasn't there. on the 5th of December 2 days later, I called up, this being the 3rd time to be told that they are refusing to give the refund and I will have to continue as normal or have it cancelled and not refunded my money. Ridiculous! I called up three times to have my time wasted.

Dec 05, 2018

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