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I have made two reservations with Hotel Zeil via I had intended to travel from Frankfurt to other European countries and fly back from Frankfurt. Since i don't yet have my visa and tickets in place i had opted for free cancellations and no pre payment categories on
To land in Frankfurt i booked this hotel and it was free cancellation and no pre payment as required, hence i decided to book it while travelling out of Frankfurt as well, keeping in mind its free cancellation since thats what i had opted for. However no where did it show up it was chargeable as i had clicked on FREE cancellation. I immediately got a message on my credit card as i made the booking and an email saying its a non refundable stay. I have urged the website respresentatives several times explaining the issue at hand and to please reverse the charge. I also immediately cancelled the booking in 10 mins of booking it, since i was completely duped! Having booked the same hotel with free cancellation from 24-26th May, it never came up on the website it was going to charge me for the same hotel for different dates. Everywhere on google and on it has been advertising - 'NO BOOKING FEES' and 'FREE CANCELLATION’. To all this hotel has not responded to any emails.
I have urged and requested however all my pleas have gone unheard. I have been cheated and duped.

May 6, 2017

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