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United Arab Emirates
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It was a big mistake to make reservation through, i was in a hurry and did a reservation through from my mobile. I hadnt expected that it would be such a trouble.

Also hotel was not like in photos as well - but i really dont care how spam hotel is. I paid as cash in hotel and did my stay for 3 nights. Anyway, after a few days my bank officer called me due to continuos charges from my credit card. I had used that credit card only at I firstly called hotel and asked it to hotel manager - they refused about charges and they confirmed that i paid as cash and no problem at all in the hotel. Then i called several times but it was annoying, all the time different person and silly responses. I was charged 1250 €, 2640 € and 3400 € charges from my credit card conitiniously in same day.

It was a nightmare for me. My bank officer applied for chargeback, i hope i ll get back the money soon. But, surely it was my last reservation at . I will not use their service and i ll tell everybody that i know who spam they are doing.

Jan 31, 2015

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