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We purchased a dining room table which cost $1600.00 almost a month ago. They have tried three attempts at delivering product in which we purchased to our house. The first time they came to deliver our dining room set, they sent the wrong chairs. I had to schedule to take off of work again for a second delivery date. The second time they came out, they sent the wrong chairs again. Both times in which I called I was on the phone/ hold for almost an hour. The third attempt they tried to come out was on a Sunday in which they use a third party for deliveries. I sat around the house all morning waiting for my correct chairs to come, once the truck finally arrived they went out to search in the truck to come back and tell me the chairs are not on the truck. I am at my fourth attempt to receive what I paid for a MONTH ago... Last time in speaking with a supervisor I was told that they do not usually do deliveries past three attempts but an exception would be made for me like they were doing me a favor bringing me my correct item in which THEY kept messing up. I still have not received my chairs. I am beyond frustrated and will NEVER shop at Bob's again, and everyone I speak to I will advice them not to shop there either. I mean, for almost $200.00 delivery - you would expect much more than the treatment I have been receiving.

Oct 23, 2018

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