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Pittsford, NY, United States
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I was promised a guaranteed contract to receive listing appointments. They called endlessly for weeks. I did over-night them my $5, 000 as instructed.

I did not do my research online before paying for the Bob Fitzgerald program. I did call the agents the company suggested, of course they said nice things. I should have gone to the web first. I would have seen how many complaints were posted and knew something was not right.

Their contract does not mean anything, they do not abide by it. I did not even start the program, just had questions that were not being answered, and when I left a message asking if the program was a scam, received nasty text in the most unprofessional manner.
I was a Social Worker and transitioned to Real estate. I have always had a heart for helping, not for making money at any costs. Ethics and integrity are important. I do not want to be affiliated with a company that behaves in such a crass manner.
I wish I had known before I wasted my money, but I want to warn others to be careful. This program does not follow its contract and was extremely unprofessional.

Bob's text to me when I stated I was not aware I had to pay an additional $800.00, was, "there is zero chance I'm giving you a refund". I did not pay $5, 000 to be treated this way. Common courtesy and a conversation is all I was looking for, but neither of those occurred.

Be careful. I would advise against becoming involved with a company who does not want to answer questions and does not stand behind the contract you sign with them.

Apr 06, 2017

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