Bob Evans / management

beards hill, United States

Visited on a Sunday and were quoted a wait time of 10 minutes, while it was 10am and busy there was only 1 manager on, how is that a good idea? There were a group of kids from a ball team waiting as well who commented that they were waiting for 20 minutes and were also quoted 10.
When I approached the gentleman Donte, he seemed upset that I was asking how much longer to which I then asked to please get me a different manager. His reply was, "My GM is on his way but I'm by myself right now sir", and also giggled to himself as he walked off with a towel to leave me up front in mid conversation with NO ONE around.
I was now getting upset by his lack of attentiveness to my problem and to the fact that I was talked to in such a manner. Very poor hospitality and common courtesy, by the way THAT'S THE BUSINESS YOU ARE IN...the "Hospitality Business". When he finally did return another manager was walking in, now almost 1030am, when I tried to talk with him, he ignored my attempt to get his attention and he actually stepped right around me. I now was furious. To boot the original man at the door saw me and said hi to the manager coming in without informing him of my need to speak and followed him in through the door by the registers.
I told my wife to grab the kids and go to the car, as I was going to talk with him and be right out. After another 5-10 minutes neither of them came to speak to me I went to find him. As I walked into the back of the restaurant and saw my neighbor Mrs Kuklich I said hi and she asked how I was. When I told her of what happened she explained that she just spoke to Gary the GM, who was the man who walked past me while I was at the front which I had learned from her as she just spoke with him, and said you may not get too far we smelled liquor coming off him. I didn't notice myself but then heard him berating a poor girl in the service area about her not attending to guest ironic huh? Maybe you should look at youself first as figer pointing leaves 4 fingers pointing back at yourself.
As she seemed to tear up I just wondered if this was normal, but others just kept working and looked as if its just another one of those days.
I wish I had taken a video on my phone to show you what the scene was like, but had given it to my wife to call Cracker Barrel to see how long a wait was. Needless to say this guy has zero people skills and HR needs to investigate his actions, people are not cattle they have feelings and I don't know anyone who works better when being yelled at. Shameful example of leadership and if you read this sir you FAIL ON AN EPIC LEVEL. I now understand when I read how Bob Evans has taken a turn for the worse as far as hospitality and service. Also she stated that earlier this week she tried to speak to him and he was never available, this is a joke in itself since WE are how you make a living and pay your bills. Again epic fail for the 2 managers that I TRIED to have assist me, I also asked Mrs Kuklich to respond so there are more than one of us for you to contact if needed.

Mr. Joseph Reisse
Churchville, MD

May 29, 2015

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