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Was in your Preston Hwy, Hillview KY restaurant this morning and ordered the Sunshine Skillet meal. According to the menu, an open faced omelet with Bob Evans Sausage, Home Fries, cheese and sausage gravy. I was asked if I wanted white gravy or sausage gravy. I chose the sausage gravy. I did ask if the gravy could be to the side.
When the food arrived I noticed that there was no cheese. Waitress brought cheese upon my request. About a quarter way through the meal I realized that I was not seeing any Bob Evans Sausage. I asked the waitress if the sausage gravy was a substitute for the sausage? Had one waitress say that the Sunshine Skillet did not come with sausage and the other waitress say she thought it did.
Looking at the Bob Evans website it states 8oz of Bob Evans Sausage. Looking at the menu, it also states the meal comes with sausage.
I have ordered this meal in the past and remember having sausage included.
I am disappointed that my meal was short changed and even after inquiring the sausage was not added/included. I did not finish leaving more than half the meal. At this point you are asking for what I want to resolve this issue. At this point in time I am unclear as to whether or not the Sunshine Skillet comes with sausage or not? If the meal is to include sausage then proper training of employees at this restaurant is required. If the meal is to include sausage then I would want my $8.79 refunded. If neither of these are true than I have not complaint.
We have other restaurants in the area that we can have a nice breakfast meal, it probably will be some time before I chose Bob Evans again.

May 11, 2017
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  •   May 11, 2017

    I just looked at the online menu and it says it comes with crumbled sausage. So, if you didn't get that, you should have held your ground and insisted it be prepared correctly. But since you didn't do that, all you can do is contact the store manager or Corporate directly.

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