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BMW / unresloved drivetrain noise

1 Canada

2007 x3 BMW M package..
1) Drive Train noise that cannot be resolved, is not passed off as normal for the vehicle... as a mechanic my self,
these is a design flaw somewhere and BMW will not fess up to it... I see many people having the same problem with these x-drives mostly around [protected] x3 along with other BMW's using the same drivetrain.
Many are subjected to expensive Transfer case, rear and front differential repairs that do not solve the problem.
I have done everything including tires too... and now "its normal for BMW"... no its not! there is a problem... just like the poorly manufactured cylinder head for the N52 engines, and BMW will sell you a head at a discounted rate to help you fix the problem... but no help with drivetrain issues.
2) The transmission is also an issue, software does shift more than normal, and is used to slow vehicle down a bit more and earlier shifting points than most cars.. my transmission with about 83, 000 miles shifts worst than my 'Dad's' 2004 Mazda with over 200, 000 miles!. This transmission (6 speed) is used in other vehicles and doesn't have the problems that BMW has had with them.. and I have seen many posts and spoken to BMW mechanics on the issues and its all because of the BMW software for the tranny. Most cases, when a customer complains initially when the shifting becomes hard and snappy, they adjust the software once, and then the next step is for the consumer to replace the transmission for $12, 000.

So known problems for this vehicle, all stemming form the manufacturer are.. poorly designed Cylinder heads, Transfer case issues, rear differential issues and transmission issues.
Everything has been serviced as per manufacturers recommendations. BMW says never to service the transmission, and at my 83, 000 miles I have replaced the transmission filter and fluids to try extend it life!.

My car now has 89, 000 miles and the differential sounds like its gonna give up soon with clunking,
Transfer case has been repaired at-least twice, no one can find where the whinning gear meshing sound louder on deceleration at the most common speed of about 34-40 mph and a higher pitch at about 65 mph.. no sound at any other speeds... just at the most common speed...

It would appear that there is an issue with the manufacturing of the gears either in the differential or transmission too.
You pay so much for this car, and as per their logo and advertised expectations, you expect quality. this is my second BMW, and had no problems for 10 years.. Why wont anyone do anything about this poor representation of their product? its like throwing money at BMW! we expect them to at least fess up to these issues and help us drive the car we expected to get... and stand by their name and product.

May 26, 2015

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