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(bad customer service) i'm a very angry, disappointed, humiliated etc.
On the 11/12/2014 I took my car for service to club motors fountains. later they called that the car is ready for collection I told them that I knock off at 16:00 they said they will send the driver to collect me and their arrive 45 minutes later after I knocked off. when we get to the dealer I made the payments of r 5409.05 and I went out to take my car when I open the car it was dirty and I was charged I called the service advisor to come and see and he find that is true and he call the personnel responsible for that dept. and it was arranged that I have to bring it again the following monday I took it back the same happened about collecting the car when I get there the was clean but the brakes were making noise on my way home but unfortunately the service advisor who was helping was not available on that day and when I got home I checked the service it was not stamped on the 17/12/2014 I went there for the stamp and the lady by the regina stamped the book for me but she back dated the stamped date to 11/12/2014. on the 8/01/2015 I send timothy the e-mail that i'm not happy about the car then he said I can bring it the following day, the following day I took it there and left with him as discussed my car didn't have any water leak what so ever when I live it at club motors but when I went to collect the car when I start the car there was a water light I went back to call timothy when he came he saw that yes there was a water light he took the car back to the workshop to fill the water then he gave me the car I drove off before I get home there was a water light again meaning my car was leaking water all the way from them. on monday I drove it but carry liters of water in the car because it was leaking and start boiling I was very frustrated fortunately it was driveable until I get to club motors I complain about to timothy and he said I must live it and they will check it but they are going to charge after diagnosing what cause the leak I told him why do they have to charge because they are the ones who broke my car he said no that's it works then they charge me r6738.28 again for their fault. please assist I trusted club motors but now I even regret why I took my car to them to break it I paid more than r12000 for nothing because even now my car is not fine I regret big time because my car didn't have all those problem before I took it to them now I have the car that I don't even trust but I paid so much

Jan 22, 2015
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      Mar 23, 2014
    BMW (UK) Mini First - Poor Service
    Westerly Exeter
    England, Devon
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    Please cancel my earlier request my Mini First car

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