Bluegreen Vacationsunethical, liars, horrible experience, can't use my nights bought!

Purchased explorer package 7 night option in January 2014, Used the first 3 nights in September, have not been able to book the other 4 or use them. Every time I call, they say nothing is available, not yes, you can go in 2018 or you can go in this month. "There is nothing open" sorry you cant go there. I have tried and I can not get anything booked. I called today and was tole my nights expired and I cant use them! I was told they don't expire, I made sure of that or I would not buy since my husband was going through surgeries from neck injury. I want my money back. I have tried for 3 years to use this and I cant book anything at any of the facilities I want. Its prepaid and I cant do anything with it. I have tried to get a supervisor or manager on the line and they wont do it. they wont give names of anyone or numbers that you can call and talk to.

Mar 16, 2017

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