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Bluegreen Resorts / ripped off over and over again

1 811 Deer RdWonder Lake, IL, United States Review updated:

I was interested in roomier lodging for my family and my father in law liked his time share so me and my husband started searching. We came across Bluegreen and went to their meetings. During this meeting we were lied to on nearly every detail of the benefits offered. We were not told about not being able to call and make a reservation any earlier than 45 days in advance, than when you go to make your reservation your first choice is almost never available. Of course, I found this out while trying to make my first reservation. I was told that the golf course on the resort was discounted for owners, it is not, which is one of the reasons my husband like this company in the first place. I was not informed of the maintenance fees, and club dues hike every year which has been about 10%. I was also not informed about the late fees and collection procedures for club dues and maintenance fees. My maintenance fees are $516.20, and 90 days later I had to pay Pinnacle Recovery $861.71. Now mind you I had to call Pinnacle Recovery myself as I had not even received a stmt from them yet. I asked Blue Green if they were aware of the charges Pinnacle was attaching to their customers bills and after being transferred 3 times I found out that they are aware and do not care, and do not have to disclose this information to their customers. Buyer Beware. Just so you know, my father in law recently passed away and his time share dues were sent to collection due to probate, and I had to pay them and the collection agency fee was only 10% at the most, and it was not Pinnacle Recovery. Good luck searching for a time share, I heard Fairview was a reputable company.

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  • Ro
      13th of Apr, 2008
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    I have never been to any presentation where any rep was able to share ALL ins and outs of their program in such a short time. When you buy a new pc or phone do you know everything about it?
    Please be realistic. I own 5 time-shares with 5 different companies and not 1 shared all the info they had. They just give you an idea of what it's all about.

    So sorry to hear about you sorrows

  • St
      4th of Oct, 2008
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    My Letter to Bluegreen back in January 2008 still no reply from them.
    Well guess what I will let this go into foreclosure rather than pay them another dime in their FEE’S FEE’S FEE’S and interest rates!!!

    To whom it may concern.
    I recently purchased a timeshare ownership package from the World Golf Village at St Augustine, Florida.
    We where told at the resort that we could bank another timeshare unit with Bluegreen and claim points for that unit. I spoke with a representative today who tells me not only that I cannot bank into the points system, but it has to be as Red week and I can only do it 12 months before, both of these disagree with what we where told at the sales pitch. I then go on to say if this is the case then we will have to sell the unit as it has not use to us, only to be told that we could be put in touch with a Real Estate company who will try and sell it for us. Once again another lie as we where told that at any time we could sell this unit enough of owning a timeshare, the Bluegreen Corporation would buy it back at the market value we paid. Obviously all these points where missed at the sales pitch only to get us to buy a unit what ever it took to get use to sign a contract with the company, this I feel is totally not acceptable and we where led to believe something just to get us to sign a contract.
    I also went on line to try and find our Bluegreen Resort, You guessed! BlueGreen does not own this resort (Mountain Loft 11, 110 Mountain Loft Drive, Gatlinburg, TN) Its probably some rinky Dink timeshare worth nothing they bought off Timeshares Only to give to us just to lead us to believe we have some property at the same value of what we purchased and to top it off probably a Blue season status! As you can guess I feel pretty well let down on making a purchase that I can neither Bank, Use because its as its not a red season and finally sell because its worth no where near the $15, 000 I paid for it, so Yes I would like some answers and not some waffle in a letter to say I am sorry but we have no control over are commission paid reps whom only want to make a sale.
    Am waiting for your reply forthwith.
    Stewart Price

  • Lo
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    First of all you own points in the BLuegree vacation club. Where you are deeded does not matter.
    Bluegreen does own Mountain Loft.
    Please look at

    To use your other timeshare you do have to use the AIM prog I don't no a lot about this but there is a fee of $50

    You can bank your points with RC I you have to make a reservation with BG and then exchange with RCI

    I hope you did read the contract before signing it and by putting you initals in ticking the little boxes you stated that you understood everything that was in the contract.

    please join the bluegreen group on yahoo and you will at least get the information to either help you enjoy or the info to help you sell

  • Ro
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    Stewart, The reason that where you are deeded doesn't matter is that you really don't own anything in particular. All you own is "POINTS" my friend. And unless you are P. Smith, they are usless. They only deed you to a property so that if you find yourself in a position where you can no longer afford it, they can place a foreclosure on your credit report. That is the whole reason for the "deed" B.S. Furthermore, you can't even give this crap away to your worst enemy-NOONE WANTS IT!! How about Smith buying up all of these terribly unhappy consumers useless POINTS?? Come on now P.S. You love this company so much and know how to use this "point system" so well. Then everyone would be happy and you wouldn't have to spent every waking hour of your time coming to the defense of these disquisting ###. There is no defending what these people have been through and you know it. And I don't care who you say that you work for. YOU ARE SOMEHOW CONNECTED TO THESE CON-ARTISTS, and you know it. Noone would spend all of their waking hours defending these creeps unless they had something to gain especially someoone with a sickly wife. So, stop the bullcrap Smith and tend to your wife, she needs you more than Bluegreen, FREAK!!

  • Lo
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    well we are a bitter and twisted person are we not.

    Please do not bring the wife into it yes she is disabled and yes i do have to look after her and thats one reason we take long holidays.

    The only freak in this exchange is you.

    I am happy My work is done the print machines are running and its 2.45 in the morning.

    You know nothing about the vacation club and yet you bad mouth it.

    I find it very strange that you run amuck with you evil comments, you even stoop so low as to poke fun at disabled people. This just confirms what a low life you realy are.

    A lot of people on here that have made these complaints have joined the yahoo group had there rant and then asked the questions and yes some have become happy owners once they have realised how to work the system.

    And yes some still say up yours it s a scam

    well you can't please all the people all of the time

    But please stop being so damed twisted

  • Ro
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    The only twisted one is YOU!! BTW: I went to the discussion boards on Yahoo! and guess what I found out?
    I read about how the current CEO is useless and how he is taking 1.6 MILLION DOLLARS of your money every year just to run this already failing company into the ground- That's what I read about!
    IT IS A FACT that Blueshit has violated numerous consumer protection laws in my state and every state in the Union.(USA)
    What do you have to say to that? IT IS NOT MY OPINION, IT IS A FACT phil.
    How does one address that?
    Personal feelings aside. Just address that!
    It is not something that I dreamed up or anyone else for that matter.


    They have so many ( hundreds ) of lawsuits against them as I sit to type this post!
    Again, how does one defend this??

    They are brought on by the US Government. Blueshit has been under investigation for quite some time.

    And there is NO disputing the facts- but, we ALL know that you will try!

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