Blue Green Vacation Clubscam

Blue Green is a Vacation Club/TIme share that does nothing but lie. When we purchased from them I asked if we were unhappy could we resale it back to them. Yes was the answer. Well they wont.
They told us our maintenance fee would never go up. NOT TRUE. It goes up every year
You have trouble booking reservations
We were told so many lies It took two legal pages to write them all down. I have contacted the Attorney Generals Office in Fl but have not had any response. I am looking to find other members that are dissatisfied. I did find a site on Face Book where they want to file a class action suit so if you are interested please join!
If you haven't bought from this company please DONT or you will regret it. They are money suckers and I will find any way I can to report them or keep people from purchasing from them. I can't believe Bass Pro is affiliated with them!

Dec 27, 2014

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