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I had a very challenging and over whelming experience with your company. I placed an order on Sept. 15. 11:00 Am. My order number was 9639840. It w as for a funeral. Unfortunately apparently the florist in Spokane had a family emergency and was not able to deliver my order. Some one named Ashley called me at 8:23 Am on Sept. 16 and did not respond when I answered my phone. She again tried at 9:29 and left me a message saying that she cancelled my order. When I received the information and contacted your company it was 1:30. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Ashley did not say she or any one was sorry for the inconvenience; she did not attempt to make the delivery that day or try to honor my request for a floral shipment. I called the company back and spoke with another customer rep. I had asked for Ashley’s supervisor. Tammy did not return my call until 3:30pm. At that time she told me it was too late to re-order as most florists were already out on their routes. She did apologize for the sadness it brought to my heart as this was for my mother-in-law but did not attempt to have the delivery made. I had asked her about the add in the phone book and she said all she would do was give me a discount if I chose to have the delivery made for the next day. The next day was a day too late. I have never had a florist cancel an order because they were not able to deliver on the same day. I understand that it is your policy {which by the way totally sucks and caused me and my extended family a lot of grief} if they had to wait and deliver the next day. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you would do this to any customer. When there is a funeral there are no do over’s! What totally baffles me is this company’s lack of concern or compassion for their customers. I can’t believe in this economy that you can really afford to cancel orders. It would have been to your benefit financially and my on a personal level to deliver the order the following morning. I do hope in the future you will train your employees to be more compassionate and go that extra mile to assist when there is a complication. As for me I will not use this company for any future orders as your customer service does not meet the standard. I would appreciate it if you could please pass this on to your CEO at your next board meeting. Sincerely, Marguerite Sigrist

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  • Ca
      Aug 08, 2011 - Blooms
    United States

    Unauthorized charges for $9.99 were made to my Visa card. Tammy was the person I talked to when attempting to cancel the account that I never opened. She insisted that I agreed to opening the account, but this is totally an internet SCAM!

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  • Kr
      Mar 07, 2012 - Rewards Program
    Blooms Today
    United States

    I ordered flowers from this company twice and was apparently "automatically" signed up for this "rewards" program. I've noticed a debit from my account each month since then for $9.95 and I finally called to cancel them today. We'll see how it goes.

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  • Ve
      Sep 20, 2012

    I ordered flowers on a 9/15/12 from the website and paid the extra 5.99 for delivery by 1PM on 9/17/12. On 9/16/12, I looked at my checking account and realized that they had double charged me. I called immediately and reported this, they said I would receive a credit. (as of today9/20/12 I have). My real issue with them is that the order was not able to be fulfilled and I was not notified until after the delivery time of 1PM on 9/17/12 and was told that my order had been cancelled. They did not offer to do a replace/nor give me enough notice in order for me to pick something else for delivery by 1PM on 9/17/12. I also had my parents sitting at home waiting on this delivery. I think this is very inconsiderate of this company to not let you know ASAP that the delivery can not be fulfilled. I will never order from this company again.

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