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[Resolved] Blooms Rewards / Blooms Today / Flashfirst / non authorized monthly charges to my credit card

Jun 27, 2019

Reviewed my credit card statements. There is a recurring charge of $9.99 every month Which are not authorized. Have reported this to my credit card company. These charges have been going on since 2018. I have not had any contact with this company. I don't know how they started billing me...

[Resolved] Blooms Rewards / funeral flower delivery

Dec 23, 2018

promised to have the arrangement early as the service was early. then was told they were delivered way after the place was one would call back and even tell me where the flowers needed up. even if they were delivered. wasn't taking their word for it. hit was 3, 000 mile...

[Resolved] Blooms Rewards / Blooms Today / Flashfirst / flower sale

Nov 02, 2018

I ordered flowers for my cousin's funeral in North Carolina. I really don't understand why I was being charged the 9.95 a month. We hadn't checked the statement for several months and there was the charge for at least 3 months. Our fault for not checking sooner. They are very deceptive in...

[Resolved] Blooms Rewards / Blooms Today / Flashfirst / be very careful. monthly charges I didn't approve

Jun 18, 2018

Be very wary of Blooms Today. I bought flowers for a funeral and the next thing I know is I'm being charged every month for "blooms rewards" where I supposedly get savings at restaurants and various places that I never go to. I didn't approve this but $10 a month is charged to my card...

Blooms Rewards / Blooms Today / Flashfirst / flowers

Oct 27, 2017

BloomsToday failed to deliver my order on time and even then it was dead. The replacement was not what was ordered but a smaller and uglier arrangement. Thanks for ruining a special day. I called their customer service line and they were not overly helpful and instead tried to upsell me on...

Blooms Rewards / Blooms Today / unauthorized charge for the last eleven months $9.99 unauthorized credit card charges.

Apr 30, 2017

The charges below have been direct debited form my account for almost 1 year. I never agreed to any type of rewards program with this company. I am requesting a full refund for the unauthorized charges to my account. The dates of the following unauthorized direct debits are as follows: July 1, 2016...

Blooms Rewards / fraudulent monthly charge

Apr 25, 2016

I had purchased their flower delivery service back in January, 2016. They used my credit card information and charged me for something I've never ordered the company since my first and the last transaction. The company charged $9.99 on my credit card April 25. I've been tricked...

Blooms Rewards / illegal rewards signup

Feb 14, 2012

Caution, caution, caution!!! I purchased flowers on this site which was not a problem, but I noticed a extra $9.99 per month every month charged to my credit card. I didn't notice this until sometime later. It is a sneaky charge to sign up to their rewards program. You won't find it...

Blooms Rewards / monthly charge

Sep 19, 2011

Just noticing that this company has been capturing funds in the amount of 9.99 on the 19th of EVERY month for almost a year. I called to find out what this was for and why. I was told that when I made a flower purchase (for my grieving mother) almost a year ago that the discount code I...

Blooms Rewards / unauthorized charges, sharing card information

Aug 22, 2011

Same company as and They share all your card and personal information as well as make unauthorized charges to your accounts without any verification of card ownership. claims to be protecting your accounts and and identity yet...

Blooms Rewards / scam membership

Jul 28, 2011

My wife had a great aunt pass away out west and we sent an array ($144.75) my wife saw their site and a $35 rebate...unbeknownst she ALSO signed up for the 9.99 a month Blooms Reward program. I called and asked what gives and her agreeing to the discount ("50%! -only up to $35 come to find...

Blooms Rewards / unknown charges

Apr 03, 2011

I purchased flowers online for the death of my brothers mother-in-law. I kept seeing a 9.99 charge in my statement. I had just canceled an account that was the same charge, so i thought that was it. The other company insisted they canceled my account. I finally got a # to where these...

Bloomsrwrd 800 - 371 - 6048 Haymarket VA / fraudulent monthly charges to my credit card

Mar 15, 2011

I ordered flowers from blooms flowers on line. I paid with credit card for the flowers and merchandise. They started charging me membership fee for reward program that i did not order. On the credit card i saw the word bloom, thinking we have shopped from the bloom supermarket. I did not...

Blooms Rewards / cancelling unauthorized &membership&

Jan 14, 2011

I have been fighting with this company for 3 months, trying to get them to STOP deducting $9.95 per month from my charge card for an account I not only did NOT authorize, but was immediately reported to them as unauthorized. I was assured upon the first call that I would not be charged...

Blooms Rewards / unauthorized membership in this club


I ordered flowers from this company last summer and was, apparently, "automatically" signed up for this "rewards" program. I've noticed a debit from my account each month since then for $9.95 but it took me until today to find out who was behind the charges. I never received any... / providing poor customer service


I had a very challenging and over whelming experience with your company. I placed an order on Sept. 15. 11:00 Am. My order number was 9639840. It w as for a funeral. Unfortunately apparently the florist in Spokane had a family emergency and was not able to deliver my order. Some one named...

[Resolved] Blooms Rewards / cancel membership


I ve been trying to cancel my bloomsrewards membership due to failure to deliver flowers. The delivery never got there and we went to the flower store and they said there was no delivery for that costumer. The charges keep coming out (9.95) a month. I need them to cancel my membership now or I will have to get my lawyer involved.

Blooms Rewards / refund of fees


I purchased flowers for a funeral online over a year ago. To get the discounted price you had to sign up for a membership to blooms reward. I called to cancel a couple of months later to no avail. Last month going over my old bank statements I noticed that I was still being charged 9.95 a...

Blooms Rewards / unauthorized charges


I ordered flowers to be delivered. I have been noticing this 9.95 taken out of my account for the past three months so I called. The customer service representative stated that I signed up for the program when I ordered the flowers. I indicated to her that there was no box to check and...

Blooms Rewards / can't cancel


I can't seem to cancel this I have tried many times but month after month the $9.95 continues to come out. and suggestions.I ordered flowers for a funeral in April.The company had to cancel my order because they couldn't deliver bofore the funeral, and I still get charged for...

Blooms Rewards / charging my credit card even after I cancelled the scam enrollment I supossedly signed up for


I purchased flowers online for a grieving friend from this company. They then charged my credit card 9.95 twice a month for about 5 months. I finally realized it and called them. "Sorry, no refunds" was the reply stating that i signed up for this shopping program when i bought the flower... / unauthorized debit


I cancelled my membership on 4/27/09 but Blooms Rewards still charged by debit card the $9.95 fee. Having just lost my job and being a single mom of 3 kids I was cutting it really close in my bank account so them doing this caused my bank account to charge me an add'l $32 overdraft...

Blooms Rewards / unauthorized membership charges


3 times I have cancelled my account at, but I continue to get charged the monthly fee of $9.95. I just tried to log on and email the company about the situation, but it ironically says that my account has been cancelled. And yet they continue to charge me a monthly membership fee!

Blooms Rewards / credit card charges


I ordered some flowers from blooms over the phone 1 time and have been charged 4 times now 9.95 a month for some rewards program I never heard of--My old computer was down so I didn't check my statement until I got my new one up and running--Since I didn't order them on the...

Blooms Rewards / unauthorized enrollment in a 10$ monthly fee plan


I ordered flowers online for a funeral. The flowers were discounted and I was insidiously lured into signing up for a 10$ monthly plan to receive the "special" discount. The information was not laid out clearly and I received NO follow up emails confirming my participation in this program... / complaint letter sent


I don't even know where to start, but let me tell you I will NEVER be ordering flowers from your company again. I placed an order with Bloomstoday at 12:45pm on 11/20 and as of 11:15am this morning, the local florist you told me would be handling my order, Finishing Touch, had still...

Blooms Rewards / unauthorised charges on my credit card


I ordered flowers to be sent to my mother and sister who live in usa I like in the uk. I have noticed the strange monthly charge on my credit card and it turns out this company have been charging me $9.95 per month for absolutely nothing. There isw nothing on their order details to say...

Blooms Rewards / membership not requested


I sent flowers through the internet and did not realize that I was also applying for a charge of $9.95 per month to my credit card. I have not used this service other than the flower order in March. I want these charges stopped and credit issued for 6 months, $59.70, which include...

Blooms Rewards / unauthorized debit

I was charged $9.95 a month from Blooms Rewards and I don't know why. I just canceled today. I never used their services again and I never would. This is outrageous!

Blooms Rewards / scam


Totally a scam! There are no rewards...just repeated charges of $9.95 per month for nothing. This hoax should be stopped. I have submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Blooms Rewards / unauthorized charge

I bought flowers from them off their website and for months i was being charged $9.95 a month without realizing it until i decided to check my transactions one day and saw this charge that i did not know what it was for. After some searching again on the net i found out what it was and...