Bloomex / failed delivery

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I can only second all the other bad reviews about this company. I live in UK and tried to send my Mum in Melbourne Australia flowers. I paid $57, and they did not turn up. I rang Bloomex and they arranged for a second bunch. Guess show yet again! I used their tracking system with fast and discovered the flowers were coming from Sydney and being shipped down to Melbourne. Seriously? Fresh flowers being transported interstate??? They said it was the cheapest way for them to do it. After 5 days of waiting for these flowers I called to demand a refund. Even if they do arrive they are days old!! I am now waiting for an "investigation" before they can issue me a refund. Please, please, please, avoid this company!! Customer service were poor, and even my Mum tried at her end and was met with such rudeness. If you want fresh flowers use a company like interflora who get local florists to deliver. Why on earth would they transport flowers interstate over a number of days?? Why pay $14.99 for quick delivery when they can't actually deliver quickly?? This company need to be reported for extremely bad service, and for ripping people off. I regret using them and I am angry with them and angry with myself for not seeing these reviews first!

Dec 20, 2014

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