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I am an employee that hates working for big lots! The region I work for is aweful as ever! When you call the human resource manager concerning problems she never gets back with you! The district manager we have ERIC VANDERHOOF IS RUDE AS EVER, picks certain managers to talk to when he enters the store. If big lot is supposed to be about the community why are the associates so miserable and feel like they can't speak up for themselves because they will get retaliated against. Then when you work so hard with him it's always your not doing your job!!! He has certain managers that he lets get away with everything and others not being treated well at all! They are scared to speak up! I was even told he has said some of the managers are slugs! Again, they are scared to speak up! Go in any of the stores and see how the employees feel about your company. Does big lots care about their employees? NO. Some of the stores don't even have a fan in the warehouse to unload trucks in this very humid weather in South Carolina! Is that crazy? Yes someone should call osha on big Lots

  • Updated by Marygl, Jul 25, 2018

    Well guess what if no one else will speak up I will! How about that!

Jul 25, 2018

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