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I have worked for Big Lots for 9 years and I feel the need to enlighten you all on the policies. First, on the back of EVERY receipt AND listed on the big policy board above the service desk, it states" no receipt, no return", that simple. Now, if you received it as a gift and don't have the receipt, be a nice person and give it to someone else or sell it.

I have had loss prevention emails stating that we are NOT to do a refund without a receipt. Loss prevention is the one I listen to BECAUSE they can determine if I keep or lose my job. Since I have a family to support, loss prevention's request prevails over any customer who wants to pitch a fit or complain. Besides, if you received something as a gift, it's WRONG to want a refund, you did't buy it in the first place!

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  • 04
      8th of Dec, 2012

    How is it wrong to want an exchange on a gift? Especially if it's something your small child received and already has. So now my 3 year old is s.o.l.? Just yet another reason I will never shop there. B.S. You appear to belong at that crap company. Just another reason they are all going out of business in this area.

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  • Ma
      7th of Sep, 2018

    @0415102908131114 She fits in perfectly there, lol, absolutely unprofessional... aaaand pointless use of all caps. Lmbo. BigLots is the arm pit of garage sale junk stores BECAUSE of its rude, ignorant, trashy, druggy, drunken employees. Unreal!!

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  • Un
      25th of Dec, 2017
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    Obviously you have never received a gift you didn't like, was wrong size, or a duplicate. Big lots should offer store credit. Every store at least offers store credit. Good luck in the future, I see you working at Walmart to support your family with your negative attitude when big lots folds you should fit right in.

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  • An
      2nd of Jan, 2018

    My big lots store exchanges all the time without receipts so this [censor] is smoking hash from the wrong pipe.

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  • Na
      20th of Feb, 2018

    @Aniwidgets And which Big Lots is this?

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  • Na
      20th of Feb, 2018

    @Aniwidgets Because everyone i go to, i have to deal with JackA**** like the one who says to be nice & give my gift away.

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  • Is
      30th of Mar, 2018

    I recieved a gift . An item I already have." be nice and give it away or sell it?"Loss prevention at your store is of no impotance to me...nor are your signs.Too bad you feel the need to have RUDE employees - they treat us as garbage rather than customers.We are spending our money there.We deserve respect. You are not the only one who works.

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  • Ha
      13th of Apr, 2018

    This is the worst policy! I bought baskets and they still had the tags on. They didn’t fit the shelves at my house so I wanted to exchange them for something else. I lost the receipt and now I’m stuck with the baskets. Not even a friggin exchange. Very disappointing!

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  • Ka
      25th of Apr, 2018

    What if I don't have the receipt but I have the credit card I paid for the item?

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  • Li
      25th of May, 2018

    I purchased this chandelier a week ago on monday, with anniversary money we received as a gift on sunday, the day before. tonight makes the 3d time I've turned it on. it wasn't bright to begin with, but it made nice mood lighting over my two chairs. that orange stick in the top photo is how poorly the lightbulb looks now, after 3 times. I do not have the receipt, because it WAS working, I thought I was good to go. now I'm apparently stuck with a faulty product that does nothing.

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  • Tr
      25th of Sep, 2018

    I just purchased 4 fall scented candles. The white pumpkin ginger. I have never had a problem with their candles... Until now! The wicks turn a glowy orange color, but will NOT produce a normal 🔥flame! I am taking them back to the store and will glady show them what's going on! I spent $24.00 on these and can't use them. I would Love to do an exchange. Who would have thought you would need to keep a receipt for candles? Right?

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  • Tk
      6th of Apr, 2019

    This lady who said she worked for Big lots for 9 years should know that if you gave big lots your phone number or used your reward card then you can always make a return wow unbelievable. There you guys go...

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