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Big Lots / outdated food

1 CO, United States Review updated:

Big Lots sells outdated food, I worked there for several years and they would have you sell outdated food. They told you to get rid of the box that had the exp date on it and that nobody would know how to read the exp codes.

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  • De
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    GOOD LORD! I don't know which location you work for.. But at our store that is a major no-no. We go through all of our food twice a week to check for food that has expired, and we have a markdown schedule and specialized clearance area for food. Also, if a stocker/recovery associate notices something is nearing it's expiration date they will mark it down/out of stock in accordance to the markdown schedule. Now I admit, there are times when some items are overlooked.. Our store has quite a bit more food than most locations.. But for the most part we're very good about our markdowns.

    It's intriguing that your manager would tell you to leave the expired food on the shelf. That is just wrong, not to mention disgusting. There are lists sent to the stores with item names, and skus which may be about to expire at each store. Do they not receive them, or do they just ignore them?

    Weird. Well, remind me not to shop at your location. But don't make generalizations like that. Not all Big Lots are managed in the same way. Many locations have an excellent staff, who actually care about the customer. Because that's what it's all about right? The customer.

    ... Considering the fact we're working in retail.

  • Jg
      6th of Mar, 2011
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    yes i also work at a big lots.We markdown to halfprice 2 weeks before exp. date .If it doesnt sell then we mark out of stock;-]

  • Bi
      15th of Sep, 2013
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    I worked at store 4490 and constantly had issues with exp. food. Not to say there weren't counter measures in place like checking food for dates and what not. I mainly worked furniture but at night would be apart of the recovery team to which I did have some food aisles to go through. Almost weekly I would reach in to look at some cans for dates or check some chips for dates, and almost every week I found some fruit or soup or salsa or chips that were waaaaaaaaay expired like 6 months or better. One time a manager brought to my attention a bag of bird seed that actually had live maggots or worms or something of that nature in the unopened bag. Now obviously we removed the products as we became aware. When coming across expired food or contaminated products we did our best to contain the situation, but when you have employees who are oblivious to most stuff and mainly don't care, you WILL have this problem . I would have to say also the bathrooms were a joke, there is NO ventilation so as soon as someone takes a ### it stinks for like an hour or more. Also some issues such as the restrooms are not all the employees fault, it's the garbage broke cheap customers that come in and want something for nothing, and when that doesn't happen they go take a crap and wipe it on the seat or the walls or piss on everything. As far as all these complaints I read about, "well I couldn't get a return or I can't exchange or my product doesn't work" what the ### do u expect from a close out store they buy overburden or junk ### equipment and sell it for an even cheaper price. You wonder why u can get a tv for 200 bucks or less, prolly cause its a refurbished piece of ###! In all honesty like Big lots is not a bad company but its like this, you get what you pay for and don't expect otherwise, if I would have just went to bestbuy and spent the extra 100 bucks you could get that quality merchandise you want so badly. And one more thing its not the employees fault if an item is out of stock EVEN if its the first day of an ad. The employees have no control over what gets sent to stores it's ALL corporate who is rarely even in the store to see what a store needs, I think they go off store counts so they believe whatever their computer screen tells them to. Just remember this if u remember anything from this rant, which is you get what you pay for!

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