Big Fish Gamesunauthorised debit

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I bought a game from this site late last year Nov/Dec. From then on they having been taking money from my online bank each month. It is impossible to cancel from their website. The supposed "account" I have shows a game oerdered that I already possessed from another source and a request for a backup disk . That is, frankly, risible. I expect better from a USA company frankly.


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      Oct 21, 2010

    We certainly work with each customer individually so that we can present a suitable solution for any issue.

    We can be contacted directly at:

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  • L
      Dec 13, 2010

    They say they can be contacted directly but don't supply a working email address - just a spurious "answer a question " page.
    Suggest you try googling this company before any purchase!

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  • P
      Jan 03, 2011

    I started as an affiliate to bigfish games, I had five customers under me, who signed up, then all of a sudden my account was banned, i couldn't get access to anyone from the affiliate site. to date they get over 300 web visits from my site, to make a long story short, i forgot i still had the domain name untill yesterday and found total visitors 300 per day. glad to say thats going to stop from tomorrow. they are a rip off through buying games to bad customer services, through to treating people badly. there was never an answer as to why i was banned or even given the chance to rectifiy anything..stay away from bigfish games bad news..

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      Oct 25, 2013

    I just recieved my charge account billing and Big Fish has charged me twice for the same thing 2 days apart. where do es one go to get this corrected ?

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      Oct 25, 2013

    I agree with dissatisfied customer, where do you get help for overcharging?

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  • Z
      Mar 19, 2018

    Unauthorized chargers every month

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