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In 2006, I won in an auction from Bidz Israel, what was described as a silver and peridot necklace. The item didn't arrive within a reasonable amount of time and so I contacted the seller to ask for tracking information for my shipment. He gave me a phoney tracking number, so I contacted him and let him know that I was unable to track the item. He asked me to give it another week or two and to contact him again if the necklace hadn't arrived. Two weeks later, I still had no necklace, so I contacted the seller. He didn't respond, so I went to apply for a refund from PayPal. It turned out that this scammer used delaying tactics, knowing that I would not be able to receive a PayPal refund, since the transaction by this time was more than 6 weeks old. I contacted Bidz to make a complaint, and what did they tell me? To contact the seller! The seller by this time was no longer responding to my demands for either a refund or a new item to be sent to me. To be honest, I don't think there was ever an item to begin with. I lost nearly $100 on that scam. I don't expect restitution at this point, but am just writing this to warn others. Also, I purchased what was described as a gemstone necklace made from "gemstone chips" of citrine, peridot, etc. What I got was a colored glass necklace, which faded after two years of use - not worth at all what I paid for it. I have received some nice items from Bidz, but now will never do business with them again for their lack of vigilance for scammers on their site, and the questionable quality of their products.

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  • De
      18th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes is like gambling, I have received broken items and items different from pictures. However, I have been lucky enough to get a few items to make the experience worth it. So if you can afford to loose a few bucks, bid. But if you and your money need each other, do not patron the website.

  • Sk
      15th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    They spam craigslist using and They violate craigslist's terms of use forbidding listings of online auctions.

  • Sh
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    I was completely scammed out of any merchandise at all!!! BIDZ.COM and the seller are one and the same person, amazingly enough and I was told I had to send the money TWICE because it did not register in their system the first time. I refused and was told that I would neither receive a refund or the merchandise if I did not comply with their demand of sending it again. It's a complete and total scam outfit & I am demanding action be taken by the attorney general - there are way too many complaints out there for nothing to be done.

  • Ka
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    I have done business with many times. I have never had a customer service issue, because I have never had to contact their customes service department. I have always recieved exactly what I was told I was getting, and recieved my items in a timely manner. I work in a very labor intensive job and wear my engagement ring every day and have not had any problems with it (e.g. stones falling out, scratches), it is as lovely as the day it was purchased 2 years ago. My experience has been that offers quality products at reasonable prices, I buy several pieces from them each year and have found that it is a excelent way for someone of limited means to build a nice little jewlery collection. I am going to post this on all the complaints against as I think that people should hear another side of the story, so I have covered some problems not mentioned in this post.

  • Xc
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    Thing is, complaints here are valuable in informing people about the unscrupulous dealings of but best thing we can all do, is start making complaints to the relevant authorities and by flooding the directors of bidz email boxes.

    Complaints can be made to...

    The Los Angeles Police Department.
    The FBI, IC3.
    Federal Trade Commission.
    Better Business Bureau.
    Securities and Exchange Commission.
    US Department of Commerce.
    And anyone else you might think of. I have!

    Bidz directors email addresses are...

    CEO / David Zinberg.
    President / CTO / Leon Kuperman.
    CFO / Lawrence Kong.
    COO / Claudia Liu.
    CCO / Larry Russell.
    Vice President / Executive Secretary / Marina Zinberg.
    Auctions Manager / Vilius Zukauskas.
    Don't bother with customer services, there's a contradiction in terms. Go directly to the top people and flood their email boxes.

    Don't forget, when approaching the authorities, where you can, provide any evidence you have. Emails, photographs, copies of bidz web site pages, anything that might be relevant. Join me in a campaign to bring these fraudsters down, it is time we did.

    And I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

  • Bi
      21st of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your purchase and we offer our sincere apologies that you were unsatisfied with your experience. We assure you that we treat all customer feedback seriously. As a result of feedback like yours, we have made some changes to improve our services. We are sorry that it took some trial and error and that you feel you were mistreated. Fortunately by submitting this comment, you have helped us make a change for the better. We sincerely thank you for your input and would like to hear from you regarding this post or any other concerns at

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