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kc brand new watch with genuine diamonds - certificate available. listing number: [protected] item number: [protected]

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Rezo Kiknavelidze. On 11/09/2018 01:15:53 PM I purchased KC Brand New Watch With Genuine Diamonds - Certificate Available for $101.00 (the total order amount $112.02) from

I never received the above item.

Instead I received the following message:

Dear Rezo,

We would like to express our sincere apologies for being unable to fulfill your order and send items you have purchased from us. Regretfully, BIDZ.COM has become a victim of fraud. Someone, one or several individuals, have attempted large amounts of charges using stolen credit cards. Total attempted fraud was in excess of $480, 000. As a consequence our credit card processor have frozen our account and, although it was later determined that we are not at all at fault for this «fraud» attack, absolutely all funds collected have been retained by our credit card processor. Also, due to their internal «risk factors», they decided to terminate their relationship with us and freeze all our moneys. What hurts most is that all these catastrophic events took place because of none of our faults. We are the victim, but system is punishing us worst of all notwithstanding. It is unfair but we cannot seem to find someone at the credit card processor that would listen and understand. Bureaucracy at it's worse.

We are truly sorry as we aren't able to issue the refund back to your card because, as mentioned above, our payment processor decided to terminate our account without warning and we no longer have access that is necessary to process any refunds. Therefore, we ask that you please contact your Credit Card Company or Bank and request a refund/dispute for your original payment. We will support you and provide any documentation you may need to receive your refund swiftly. We completely understand how frustrating this situation is for you and are here to fully support you!

Throughout the long history of our company we have never encountered such a predicament. We always pride ourselves at delivering purchased merchandise in record time and, frankly, were not ready for such set-back. We have let you, our loyal and valued customer, down and would like to offer our deep and sincere apologies. We are truly sorry you had to endure such inconvenience.


Since then I have been trying to contact them multiple times in order to get either refund or some other help. But they never helped me and continue ignoring my messages.

Please, be so kind as to help me with this issue as soon as possible for me to either receive the purchased item or to get the refund.

Thanks a lot!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Best regards,

Rezo Kiknavelidze

A diamond ring certificate of authentication

My name elias cherfan, from the province of alberta canada,

I have won a bid on a diamond ring from and paid for immediately, there web declared 7 days for the ring delivery and the certificate available at shipping, they got paid for the certificate of authentication.

After two month of contacting and e-mailing I finally received my ring, but since august 2018 until today the certificate has not bean mailed yet.

Several e-mails with sharon beil @ customer service and promise after promise so far no certificate, and finally she start ignoring me and not replying to my e-mails.

I appreciate any help, ph: [protected] e-mail, ([protected]@yahoo. Ca)

  • Updated by Elias Cherfan · Feb 21, 2019

    The worth customer service ever

  • So
    Sosodef Jun 23, 2019

    omg same issue with me and this Sharon Biel, I ordered 2 versace jeans bags in Nov 2018, she kept saying that it will be delivered and that the items come from China, but then she stopped answering me and I've never received the items and was never refunded. I am trying to see who else I can contact about this. It's so infuriating.

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my items bought but not delivered

I have purchased three items that have not been delivered and I'm extremely pissed off I either want my money back not credit, items sent asap or I'll be taking this matter up with the appropriate departments. I have submitted many e-mails to this company and I did receive a few emails back saying they were working with the supplier but then nothing. I have spent a lot of money with this company and only been disappointed on these transactions.

my items bought but not delivered

watches bid

After a month I emailed them requesting information for the shipment. 15 days after that they responded with a "sorry for the delay will be shipped soon". After another month, I sent a new mail, once again after 15 days I received the same answer "sorry for the delay, but we had a problem with the supplier, but will be shipping soon". So, I requested a refund and the answered that as more than 3 months had pass, they can't refund the money, so I must ask my bank to refund it. Of course, the bank said that they only refund when the purchase is between the first three months after the purchase. Once again, I emailed them, and I received a "sorry, we can't do anything you have to contact your bank". So, in resume, I will not receive my money back (more than $600.00), they simply stole it. are thieves, defrauders, unscrupulous, scammers.

took my money but never sent the product

I bid on and won an auction for a bracelet on 7/29/18. I paid for the item the same day but never received the item. I contacted through email approx 6 times but only received one response apologizing for the delay. After that I received no response although I continue to send emails. I then started trying to call them but no one answers. You are put on hold for a long time, then a recording comes on that says leave a message but you are then told there is no room in the mail box and the call is disconnected. It's now 8/26 and I am out $50! All I want is the item or a refund but it's obvious at this point that I will get neither. Do not buy from this company!

  • Pu
    Purplehorse Jan 20, 2019

    I’m in Australia and Bidz have taken my money 5mths ago and I haven’t received my items so Incredibly Pissed Off

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not receiving item paid for or credit or my money back

Paid for a cross for my step daughter Birthday and never got listing # [protected]
Item # [protected] Order # [protected] emailed about 10 times back ordered even got the BBB involved they said with in 10 day's money would be back in account did not happen and to this day same old thing can not speak to any one Had Amanda first working on this and now its Dave well rip you off

I made a purchase December 27.2017. Contacted several times leading up to may about the status of my order. Every time a received a generic response stating that the supplier was back ordered and I would receive my order shortly. After submitting another complaint ticket (7 in total) I received a response claiming I needed to dispute the charges with my credit card company for a refund as I was not receiving my order as was not doing business with that supplier any longer. My order was cancelled. I contacted my credit card company to find out it was past the 119 days they allow for a dispute. well no longer respond to my questions. I have lost $500 to
Please do not buy anything from If you do please be advised you well need to dispute your payment with your credit card company within 119 day.
Blatant Scam.

order is not received, money is not returned

My order # [protected] created on: 03/13/2018 was not received, the money was not returned. the phone of the company does not work, the letters are not answered or only the robot answers. the problem of refunding money is not solved. unreliable advertising, certificates on the site, do not correspond to reality. many victims of these daring swindlers, I suggest that the victims unite and apply to state institutions for the protection of constitutional rights.

  • Lo
    LocksmithLouie May 11, 2018

    I have 4 outstanding Orders from in excess of $600.00. This money had been paid to and none of the 4 Orders has been fulfilled. I have contacted them numerous times and the answer is always the same. Someone named Amanda keeps saying two weeks at most for the turnaround. I have asked for my refund and they say they have exceeded the amount they are allowed to refund for that day. Wait two weeks. The orders were placed in October 2017. Is there any avenue that I can pursue in the USA to get my money back. They are a bunch of criminals. Highly recommend you stay clear of

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order #s [protected] / [protected] / [protected]

My name is alicia naylor, I have just spent over an hour on your phone service trying to reach a representative... This is unacceptable as this is my third email/attempt to contact in as many weeks - without a response! I am pissed!!! As you can see in the last email I sent I had added every possible department provided by the website to the email, and again with no response! If I do not hear back from a representative by 12pm edt tomorrow april 12th, 2018 about the customer service issue stated in the previous emails (added below) I will be contacting the police and creating a report as well as will be looking into bring charges against for stealing over $520 from me. I may be reached at [protected] or via email at [protected]

From: alicia naylor
Sent: april 4, 2018 8:48 pm
To: [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]
Cc: alicia naylor
Subject: order numbers [protected] / [protected] / [protected]

Hello this is alicia naylor emailing again!!! Not only have I not been contacted today with a resolution to my customer service issue (which I had originally reported over two weeks ago!) but my orders still do not appear to have been sourced... This is ridiculous! I want this money back into my account immediately as I am livid! I have added all departments available on the website in the hopes someone will finally fix this issue! Frankly I dont care which department gets me my money back but I expect this to lite a fire under someones [censor] in order to resolve this blatant disregard for customer support.

From: alicia naylor
Sent: march 30, 2018 12:10 pm
To: karl
Subject: order numbers [protected] / [protected] / [protected]

Order # total ordered date status tracking info
[protected] $124.63 02/26/2018 01:28:50 pm open
[protected] $137.62 02/11/2018 02:55:41 am open
[protected] $257.83 02/07/2018 12:17:07 am open

Hello my name is alicia naylor, I have three orders from february that still have not been processed... What is going on?? Why have my items not been sourced / shipped? This is the second time I have emailed as to this issue. I expect this issue will be resolved in one of two ways - a) the items that I ordered have been sourced and shipped to my address, or b) my money is returned into my bank account - I also expect this to be done by wednesday april 4th the latest and to be contacted with details of the resolution either via email or phone#[protected].

  • Ca
    cattery Apr 14, 2018

    Alicia my name is Jackie and I am from Australia. I have also been done-over by Bidz. You are in America so you have more avenues open to you to source information and lodged complaints. You go girl as they are complete mongrels ripping people off. I have sent emails to the two top bods in Bidz not that is likely to do me much good any more than Customer Services has.

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  • Ta
    Tatiana Pan Apr 25, 2018

    They use other people's money, they are criminals. I think that it is necessary to unite the injured / TATIANA - [email protected] /
    The FBI, IC3.
    Federal Trade Commission.
    Better Business Bureau.
    Securities and Exchange Commission.
    US Department of Commerce.

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  • Sa
    Salak alsalk May 30, 2018

    I propose to establish a judicial invitation to this fraudulent company and demand compensation for all those affected by its work

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payment not received

I have not received this order [protected] 12/05/17 which was ordered.03/01/18 sombody txt me messenger facebook my order [protected] has been submited for cancelation and allow 7-12 busines days for the refund to be issued back my payment. I have not there is still nothing. customer service no answer. I did not reciive the ring 12.05.17 that I ordered. I want to get my money back. money was taken off my credit card. my mail mihailova. [protected]@mail. ru. my nik - orakul.

payment not received

refund for cancelled order#[protected] k414

this order cancelled 12/11/2018 order #[protected] still waiting to receive money back on card only got two emails from Amanda M stating a time it will be refunded this timeliness has come and gone Sent numerous emails no reply I am senior and being charged interest on card Never got anything just took my money no response .They are outright Thieve and the American pollutions let them get away with defrauding seniors and hardworking people Trump should step up and take this company off the American market and charge these people co or managers with fraud If I stole a loaf of bread from corner store I would be prosecute and fined or maybe go to jail [protected] 302 $ they got of mine .Ken

  • Updated by keeper414 · Apr 22, 2018

    I cancelled order but never received refund back on card they outright defrauded me had on email saying takes 2 weeks to put money back on card never got refund 2 months later and cant contact bidz by email or phone Sad when they steal from seniors outright fraud and the government allows them to do it i reported them to better business bureau .Hope they get my money back that they stole i got nothing $320. they defrauded me .Not even junky rings i hope these people are soon caught and put in jail .People who got shares in company should be aware what is happening in bidz .com Los angelus California .I might report them to Police station in that area .please don't do business whit these swindlers. ken.p

  • Ta
    Tatiana Pan Apr 20, 2018

    My value judgment is that it's a scam. I bought a ring with a certificate of quality, where I evaluated the "jeweler specialist" with whom this company cooperates. On the site and in the certificate, the estimated price was $ 21, 000. When the ring was bought by me, for $ 3, 500, I saw a terrible stone, in three days I was at 5 jewelers who were simply in shock. Each of them gave its price, and it was no higher than $ 850! I could not do the return, because I had to go abroad, on a business trip for 45 days. I think that the prices they put on the site are fictitious, they do not correspond to reality. If you go to the site, take any ring, bracelet, watch and look at their characteristics, then show these characteristics to decent professionals. To not be sued, they sign this fraud in very small print, which is almost invisible: * Appraised values ??are determined by 3rd party appraisal companies. These companies are not affiliated with The appraised value is usually the highest retail value for the item. does not guarantee the appraised value to be accurate nor the ability to resell based on the appraised value price.
    Thus, they mislead customers and use other people's money, as it is difficult to get money back from them.
    I have another bad story with this company, do not receive a refund, my second order was a clock of $ -190. Not having received hours, as, having bought them, the jasper asked for a refund. Amanda M. (Customer Experience Specialist) promised to return the money in 7-14 business days. But, more than a month has passed, no money, no response to emails, no opportunity to get through. Completely ignored!
    I think the actions of this company are criminal, buyers mislead, use other people's money for personal purposes. If anyone has suffered from this company, I propose to unite and apply to the appropriate state structures to protect American citizens from fraud.

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  • Pa
    Pat Gililland Jul 06, 2018

    Thieves. Nobody answers the phone or responds to emails. I bought a $12, 000 Rolex and got nothing. Fortunately I contacted my credit card company before 30 days and got a full refund to my card. I suggest anyone that has bought from them to get your item checked to make sure its not a fake. Don't buy anything from Bidz unless you just have money to throw away. Many of their items are cheap products from China that cost the 10 cents on the dollar to buy.

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order number [protected]

I have not received this order which was ordered 12/21/2017
Here is my email to them

Hello Amanda
I have not received this yet and we are in March. Almost 3 month. What is the stat?

On Feb 12, 2018 6:40 AM, "Pat Ul" wrote:
I am yet to receive order number [protected] order date of 12/21/17.
Why is this taking forever even thought it was to ship out in 5 to 7 days. Please let me know what is going on and how ur company intend to fix this. I did not get any correspondence from ur company on this. This is not the first time too. Not encouraging for me to want to continue doing business with u. I also cannot change password because the link don't work.
Please get back to me.
Patricia Egbo
Have a good day

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pat Ul
To: [protected], "Amanda M.", [protected], [protected]
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 11:40:30 -0400
Subject: Fwd: Article Feedback - Contact Us
I have called with no success to speak with customer service and have sent emails with no sucess to billing. I need this order canceled and my account refunded. It says the mail box is full.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Customer Service"
Date: Feb 12, 2018 6:30 AM
Subject: Article Feedback - Contact Us

Thank you for your message. Your ticket 160274 has been received outside of's normal business hours. Our normal operating hours are M - F: 8am to 5 pm PST. Your message will be answered by a member of our customer service team as soon as possible.

I have purchased two items but, not able to reach

I had a few bad experiences with earlier, I still bought two items from them and realized my email is still old one with them. So, I am trying to contact them but, no one answers phone. You will notice fishy once you call.

a. They will offer $100 conditional gift card and if we deny it, they hang up the call
b. After 15 minute wait time, it goes to voice message. I left a voice message and never received call back from them
c. I don't want to buy any items from them and don't suggest this website .
d. There is no option to cancel the transaction. Be aware of all these
e. [protected] and [protected] are customer service numbers. But, no one will answer

slows delivery every week

You buy things and do not send anything. You can see the picture from when I bought them. Amanda's wife responds to emails only promises not this week but the other and so a whole month passed and nothing was sent to me.They deliberately postpone and do not send anything. Does not anyone sanction you for not spoil your users by buying things and nothing you send them what they bought from you.

slows delivery every week

a purchase of a ring

I punched a ring on November 17 the money was taken from my bank account on that day I paid 29.99 for next day delivery and still have not received my ring I called about 15 times over the last 4 weeks and now am being told that I need to pay another 4.99 for shipping when I ask to speak to a supervisor Jonathan hung up this is the 5th time this has happened

beware buyers

Don't deal with them. They are liars, who don't deliver stuff and never answer the phone calls. Bad treatment, bad service. Overall bad.
When I have an issue, I don't expect to get a stupid email with apologies. Your apologies can be put in a place where the sun doesn't shine. I really don't care. What I want from you are actions, real offers what to do and how to resolve the issue. If you can't resolve it, then don't waste my time and send my money back and go to hell. But if you don't want to say goodbye to the money, do anything for me to get finally satisfied. All you have done for me was useless and had nothing to do with resolution.

customers beware!

Everything is poor. Quality, products, customer service and my own experience with them. Very poor. Every time you hear different things from them regarding your same problem. Can't have the only one option to resolve it. I didn't receive my order and they say I will get it within a week. after a week they say it will arrive tomorrow. That's for sure, I shouldn't be worried. Next day there's nothing, and they say another nonsense. Stupid and unprofessional...

watches and jewel

After buying several watches from Bidz auctions, I was disappointed that several batteries were dead and in one case a winder was missing. I was advised by customer service that if the cost was inexpensive, in this case $13 was the charge as well as a$5 winder charge, and mail to them. After seven weeks when I did not get credited for these items, I had to argue that the conversation ever took place and that they never would have said that. They agreed to repay a portion Bidzs account .
Also sent was misrepresented. They told me I waited to long to let them know. I stated that I waited for my annual appraisal to be told that the ring and earrings I purchased were glass. On my second call I was asked to get an appraisal or statement from a geologist that stated that fact.
So far, have received several watches with batteries that have gone bad in under five months, or have other damages.l Not the site that it was many years ago.

  • Bidz Jewelry Auctions May 25, 2017

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your purchase with

    We are sorry to hear that your experience with the company was unfavorable and would like to extend our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

    Bidz stands behind its product and we are are always fast in taking care of any issues. We have made many improvements recently to increase our quality screening, pricing and shipping times.

    We are always looking for new ways to improve our service and would like to hear more about your experience. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with your order details and expand on the difficulties you experienced with the purchase. You are also welcome to reach out to one of our friendly customer service specialist at +1-866-545-9871.Monday - Friday 8am-5pm PST.


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Bidzbad quality and slow delivery

I have won several items on Bidz and at first I was very excited about this website and wanted to get more stuff. So they sent me my items and I received a notification message that my products were shipped. I received only one item after two moths and the rest part is still missing! They have no information and every time I contact them they say that there is nothing they could do and ask me to be patient. And the other stressful thing is that my item looks nothing like picture, just a cheap made in China copy of what was shown on the pictures! So I guess the rest will be the same garbage quality! Stay far away from this scam!

Bidzbad experience

I have ordered over 5 months ago and never received anything! Every time I contact customer service they give me empty promises and keep saying that my order is on its way. They are obviously lying and I bet they never shipped anything. Just took my money and now they're trying to make a fool out of me! Asked for a refund numerous times and they refused. Do not order from Bidz!

  • Go
    goodfellow Mar 28, 2018

    i have ordered a dozen items and have not received any at this time. i try calling the number listed and cannot get through. months have past without receiving any of the items.

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Bidzabsolutely disgusted!

I ordered something from Bidz and waited almost two months to get my item! I contacted them many times and they told me to be patient. About three weeks ago I finally received the item, but the quality was way off, so I sent it back. About ten days later I got a message from them saying they received it and I should have my refund within five days. Still no money. I'm absolutely disgusted with these people!

shipping was crazy

Ok so I have bid and won on this site... Great right? Although I got the items fine and they seemed worth the winning bid; the shipping was crazy. I paid the same or more in shipping then I did for the items. I would say unless you are going to get the items cheap amd buy a lot of them to markup and resell the shipping doesn't make it worth it.

  • Bi
    bidz.com_auction Feb 01, 2013

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your purchase; We would like to take this time to provide you with some information. First of all, we would like to apologize if our shipping rates were not as expected. We know as shoppers everyone is always trying to save, and in turn we are currently running a FREE shipping promotion for all orders shipped within the United States. Currently we see that your account is registered in the US, so unless your order was shipped to a different country your shipping fee should have been free.

    If in error you were charged shipping, please contact our customer service team so that we may correct this. You may contact us at: 888-247-2439 or by email at [email protected]

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  • Au
    Aubreyyee Oct 19, 2014

    I enjoyed bidding for jewelry and overall very satisfied with BIDZ. However, to the end of their online store closing, I did not receive all items in my shipment. Despite my complaining about the missing items, the items were not replaced nor did I receive my money back. To date I am still waiting.

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quality of ring

I purchased a diamond engagement ring in 2010, it cost nearly $400.00, it was supposed to be valued at over $1200.00. Well in May of this year I noticed that the solitaire had fallen out, before it fell out I noticed that some of the smaller diamonds had fell out. I contacted Bidz, and contacted Bidz, they told me in was in the review process. Well two weeks ago I still had not heard anything, I emailed again and today I finally got an answer, we can do nothing, it has been over 6 months, we however could repair at a starting price of $150.00. I think if you pay $400.00 for a piece of jewelry that it should last a lot longer then 1 1/2 years. I am still wearing my ring I received 10 years ago with no problems... Everyone should know that their quality of merchandise is not worth the money.

  • Bi
    bidz.com_auction Nov 21, 2012

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your purchase and we offer our sincere apologies that you were unsatisfied. We assure you that we treat all customer feedback seriously. Please provide your username and the order number to us so we can research the matter and provide you with resolution. You may provide the requested information to [email protected] or contact our friendly customer service at
    1-888-247-BIDZ (2439) M-F 8am-5pm.

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Bidzcheap ring

I bought a ring and have returned it, please credit my account.

The setting on the ring was beautiful, I was impressed with the top of the ring but I have never been so disappointed. The shank on the ring was so thin it makes it look very cheap, therefore it was returned. I don't think I will be placing any more orders for jewelry.

Even though people place bids on an item, it is still shownon the screen day after day, after day. So much for an auction

  • Cu
    Custo Jan 25, 2011

    What a scam - false advertising, plastic quality then they get you for returning by adding reservice fee, over the top shipping price, and on-line fee. How can this site not have been closed down before?

    Buyer beware, I would never have purchased if I had seen these reviews first.

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  • Bi
    Bidz_auction Apr 23, 2012

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you very much for your posting. It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone and we would like to apologize one more time that you were not satisfied with your purchase. As per our conversation a full refund was issued back on 3/7/2012 for the returned item. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this post or any other please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will be pleased to assist you.

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Recently Bidz com launched a new site called "Catch a Falling Star." The premise is that you click on the jewelry item to win it once the price has fallen to the cost that you wish to purchase it at. You are, at the same time, hoping someone else will not purchase it before you at a higher price. Once someone chooses to purchase the item at a certain price, a new item is displayed for future bidders and an invoice is sent to the winner of the original item. The first day that I tried it, I clicked to catch a $10000.00+ necklace whose price had fallen to $64.00 (the site was a couple days old). I had won it because the site immediately switched to the next item up for bid and I immediately received an invoice. Imagine my surprise when the invoice was for $10000. I called Customer Service and was told, "Sorry, but you can't have it at the $64.00 price because it must be a bug in our system and we are still working out the bugs BUT will give it to you for $1000.00." HOW CAN THIS BE LEGAL??? Only consolation offered after much protest was a $25.00 coupon on future purchases of $250.00. I have spent $1000's at Bidz until I started having service and quality problems. Once again...very frustrated with and all their sites!! This time I am done!!

  • Bi
    Bidz_auction Feb 11, 2012

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today and I am happy we were able to resolve this issue. We apologize once again and hope that you will still consider us in all of your jewelry needs for the future. If you have any questions regarding this post or any other please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] .

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  • Pl
    planettlc Feb 11, 2012

    The issue was not resolved. I got the same explanation regarding a bug with their new site and that other customers had reported the same type of issue. They report that they fixed the bug. I don't consider this a resolution to my problem and voiced that during the conversation. I was also told that a $20 credit was applied to my account...not much consolation since I will not be returning to their sites. The only resolution acceptable is "the good old American Way" that if a business makes a mistake they should take ownership and honor the bid.

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diamond ring

I ordered a diamond knot ring on June 30/11 and it took nearly three weeks to receive it. Keep in mind that they have a 30 day refund policy. The ring had a cheap three prong setting and when I received it, the diamond didn't look very secure. For that reason, I didn't wear the ring very much. Still, about the middle of December, I discovered that the diamond had fallen out. After emailing, they told me that there wasn't much they could do, nor could they refund. I emailed bidz and stated that I had not even had the ring for six months as they had stated, and I still wanted a refund. They replied saying that they could repair the ring for $70.00 plus shipping costs. I told them that the ring was not worth $70.00 and I still wanted a refund. In their last email, they have forwarded my request to the person in charge, which is just passing the buck.

  • Bi
    Bidz_auction Jan 07, 2012

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you very much for your feedback. We would like to apologize if our solution did not meet your expectations. After thoroughly investigating your account we found that the shipping for the item in question was within its timeframe, this is based on the shipping method you selected.

    Moreover, we have found that you touched bases with our returns supervisor in regards to the diamond ring 5 months after its receipt. Due to the length of time that has passed since the receipt of delivery (5 months) we offered you to repair the ring. Unfortunately, since this is outside our normal 30-day return policy, we had to assume that this may have happened due to normal wear and tear. The $70 fee we quoted to you covered the replacement of the diamond and labor to repair the ring. Additionally, we informed you that we would arrange the item to be picked up and returned to you at our expense so that you wouldn’t incur those additional costs. We also suggested that you inquire with jewelers in your area to see if maybe they offered a less expensive repair as it seemed that you weren’t too comfortable with the repairing fee we offered.

    According to our records, our offer to repair the ring was declined by you and we apologize that we were not able to meet your expectations. The repair of the ring was revised several times by the management and it was the lowest price that it could possibly cost to replace a missing diamond. If you have any questions regarding this post you may contact us at [email protected] and we would be pleased to assist you.

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refusal to accept payment for winning bid

For several days I kept trying to pay for a Murano pair of earrings which my bid had won, but was unsuccessful and I was advised by Bidz that they had changed their payment website. I followed their instructions on how to change my settings to accept all cookies - this I did but was still unable to process my payment. I then asked them to let me know the total amount due so I could arrange for Paypal to pay them directly. Their response was that I had failed to pay for the earrings in 2 days so the earrings were now unavailable to me. I was prompt in accepting their offer but the delay was their fault as my computer was unable to access their payment section and they were aware of this.

  • Bi
    Bidz_auction Oct 27, 2011

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you very much for your feedback and we apologize you were not satisfied with the service you received. To provide you an explanation on how and why this happened we would need to get your username or an item number for the earrings so we could look up your account. Please provide this information at [email protected] along with your phone number where you can be reached at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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I paid thousands of dollars for defective jewelery

I ipaid much money for jewelry at because I was under the impression I was buying quality jewelry. The jewel;ry is not quality. The majority of the jewelry I ipurchased is defective. Their advertisement reads "If you are looking for high-quality discount gold jewelry that won't break the bank, you have come to the right place. Our designer gold jewelry is first class all the way. We have the most beautiful bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, watches and much more to satisfy your every jewelry craving. Whether you are looking for an everyday item or a special occasion piece, you are sure to find for the jewelry that meets your needs in our pure and gold-plated jewelry selection. Bid on designer yet affordable rings from some of the best names in the business including Fred, Bvlgari, Vera Wang, Lauren G. Adams, Charles Winston, Luca Carati and so many more. Our inventory includes solid gold, silver and platinum rings for both men and women. If you prefer rings that dazzle with radiant gemstones, we have a large selection of those to choose from as well. From flawless sapphires to genuine rubies, our fine gemstone rings are truly breathtaking. There are so many discount rings to choose from." I had numerous health problems during the time I begain ordering from Bidz which was Sep 07 through Dec 07. Their policy is returns be made within 15 days for full refund. This was impossible for me under the circumstances. I have been going through the jewelry for several weeks and most of it is junk. Rings are offset, pears are discolored and different sizes, dented; necklaces are too short to go around neck, earrings don't match, bumps on some of the jewelry, pocket watch doesn't work, stones falling out or missing. I chatted on line today with Brooke and she stated that I had 15 days to return the jewelry. As I stated above, that was impossible due to health reasons. I paid thousands of dollars and I want a total refund for the defective jewelry. Bidz.con should be exposed for what they really are insomiuch as all there jewelry is quality jewelry and as far as I am concerned it is false advertising.

  • jamesisajeweler Sep 30, 2011

    I have said this time and time again on this site "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS QUALITY JEWELRY FOR LESS, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" and it seems no matter how many times I say this here, I come back and i'm reading another complaint from another member talking about their experience with online jewelers and topics such as yours.

    I have even tried to reach out to many of you to help you get quality jewelry through me, BUT! You never respond to me for my help. Well when you want to do things your way, this is what will continue happening to you.

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  • Bi
    Bidz_auction Oct 20, 2011

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your feedback and we would like to apologize that you were not satisfied. Though we do have a 30-day return policy, it is our priority and goal to make sure all of our customers are happy and we are willing to work with our customers case by case even if the items in question are past the return timeframe. Please provide us your username and the order number(s) at [email protected] and we will be pleased to see what could be done regarding your dissatisfaction.

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Bidztrue jewerly

i´ve seen some complaints saing that the Bidz products are fake, but my experience says tht´s not true. I´ve bought a porsche watch, e platinum engagement ring, when delivered to me, i went to a jewerly shop, and he confirmed the brand of the watch and the quality of the engagement ring. Some of the products have a good price, but other ones, not so much. the products that i´ve bought, i´ve selled in my country and earned 1000 dolares in each product.
So BIDZ it´s the BEST

over charging

This is a copy of the complaint I sent to Bidz:

Sir, concerning my winning bid, #[protected]. Why am I being charged an "auction fee", of $1.11, it wasn't here earlier today when I tried to pay for this item and your system told me my credit card was not good. Also, why am I being charged sales tax of $3.04, when the tax rate should be on $37.00 only @ $2.49. As I figured it, the shipping and auction fee are taxed! You're only suppose to legally tax sale items. I want the ring but I will not be over charged! I will be reporting your sales and billing practices to our Department of Revenue.

  • Bi
    Bidz_auction Jul 28, 2011

    Dear Richard,
    The reason you were getting charged the transaction fee on your second attempt to pay and not on your first is that recently we have had a technical issue that caused the 3% fee to not apply to orders at random. We sincerely apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this technical issue may have caused you. Bidz does charge tax on the total of the order (merchandise price + shipping price + transaction fee) which I can assure you is legal. By law you can charge tax on services provided (such as shipping and delivery). In case you do not agree with this statement and would like to provide feedback you may contact us directly to do so at [email protected] and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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Letter to jorge gonzalez, manager of bidz...
Thank you for the reply, but there is no way that i am going to pay $264 for an item previously auctioned at $132,
if you were in my position, im certain you too would never pay double the amount of a previous bid,
if this ring is worth $249 like i was informed by Brigitte, then there would have been a reserve bid of $249
its ok i just wont be purchasing from bidz no longer, the sales rep told me the ring was never on bidz before
and you say that it was bid before but never bouught, still is a lie, for it was on ypour site and auctioned before
my father runs a company and if he makes a mistake he honours the price that is an honest company,
either way you still get your $132, from me or previosu bidder, greed is what brings America down
you piss off 1 customer and by word of mouth he tells all his her friends and you have pissed off
perhaps 100 customers, and i assure you that i will tell all my friends how bidz refuse to do good business
and lied about the exclusive ring and then refuse to sell for past bid on a ring which bidz said was
never on bidz before. I had faith in bidz but i see now i am disappointed
I purchased 3 pirelli watches as gifts, and 1 of the watches had a "made in china" sticker, telling me
that they were knock offs, cheap duplicates, i bought a ladies pirelli from ebay, and it was authentic
the stamps were different, alos i have had items stolen from my shopping cart and when i called in
i was told it was a computer mistake, duplicates on bidz, was a 80 carat flower ring, in shopping cart
money order already recieved for the item and the item was stolen, said not there was a duplictae,
explain how the item wwas gone when it was in the basket for 2 weeks and even paid for,
you can call Brynda J 210-649-xxxx, she still is talking about this ring to this very day
also was a black silver cz ring, same situation was in the shopping cart and mysteriouly disappeared
also Brynda J says that there was a cz pendant also in the shopping cart, and gone missing,
Jorge how do you explain 3 items, missing or stolen form a shopping cart, sales rep maybe put it in
his mothers shopping cart or best friend, on top of that few gold plated rings that tarnished after 3 weeks
Lets see now 3 fake pirelli watches "made in china", 2 rings and pendant stolen from shapping cart
and gold plated rings that tarnish in 3 weeks, Jorge you can call Brynda J the number is
210-649-xxxx to verify all this, my pirelli watch had the made in china sticker still on, her 2 watches
the made in china stickers were removed.
In good faith Mr. Gonzalez you should make amends to Ms. J and allow this ring to be
sold at the last price of $132, considering the disappointment and frustation this has caused her
and myself with the "made in china" pirelli watch. Your consideration in this matter would be
most appreciated...
Bidz has never replied back to this letter, to jorge gonzalez, manager

  • Du
    Dunyax3 Dec 03, 2011

    I agree with you. Yesterday I bid on an expensive ring and won it for $62. I was extremely happy to win such a great ring. I went to my shopping cart to pay for the item and it was not there. Even though this item was listed in the $1 No reserve, there was a message saying that the reserve price was not met and I could have it for $599. I chatted with one of their agents and was told that perhaps I went to the wrong auction. NO I did not. After several attempts to explain my situation I gave up. Long story short, my excitement over my new purchase was short lived. I will not deal with this company again.

    0 Votes and JK PerfumeBuyer Beware!

I purchased jewelry off of, one ring I sold on Ebay, as soon as I sold it the stone fell out. Also, I sold two more diamond gold rings on Ebay. The man took them to Macy's to test their quality. I described them exactly as Bidz did in their auction. Both had lower quality diamonds than described and one said it was 10K WG, it was lower than 10K.

I contacted Bidz on both these items. Bidz never responded about the stone falling out. The other rings they told me they would refund IF I got an appraisal showing they were incorrectly described. OK, the rings both cost total $180, I'm going to pay $150 to get them appraised...nice...

ANOTHER Scammer, on is JK Perfume. He claims to sell designer authentic fragrances. He sent me fakes and of course I paid money wire...I was naive beginner then... I contacted Alibaba and they said well you do not really have proof that he sold you fakes or that he did not tell you they were fakes. Although his website showed all designer pictures. Alibaba told me I would need to file a lawsuit against him and if they sided for me then they would kick him off of Alibaba. OK, I am going to sue someone in China...

  • Bi
    Bidz Auction Jun 03, 2011

    Dear Customer,
    We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. As a customer of ours you should feel confident in knowing that all of our items are backed by our 100% money back guarantee. If at any time you receive an item that is not as described you may return the item for a refund in full.
    We would like to further investigate this matter and provide you with a resolution. Can you provide us with the sales order number for the items in question? If so, please email it to [email protected] atten: Carenas
    Please do not hesitate in contacting us. Our customer service team is available to assist you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    Thank you,

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I bought a ring off BIDZ and again the rule is if its to good to be true then it is. BUYER BEWARE... The gem report is Bogus. I took the Three reports to three different reputable... Jewlery And Moredubbed out of my layaway

I had won 13 items on and I put them all on layaway, I had won exspensive items at a rock bottom price; like items won for 4.00 and 1.00 real gold, rubies etc... kept deleting my items so that I couldn't get them @ the price that I won them at ; I talked to several reps; all of them transferred me to other reps and than my items were totally erased; I 've spent thousand with this company and they did this and yes the photo 's are decieving even when u read the disciption of the item

  • Bi Jun 20, 2011

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your purchase and we offer our sincere apologies that you were unsatisfied with your experience. We assure you that we treat all customer feedback seriously. Winning auctions items are guaranteed for you for 48 hours after auction closes as Won Auction. Winning items should not be removed only if instructed by customer to do so, if item is a reserve price auctions or if item is not sellable. When possible, please contact us directly or email us at [email protected] provide username, order details and contact information for further investigation.

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Bidznot a complain

Hi everyone! I saw all these complains and also saw that most of the posts start with complain, and than people say, that they actually had a good experience with Bidz. (but it is all so low in this list, that people mostly reading first pargr.)So, as a loyal BIDZ customer for 3-4 years, who spent hundreds of thousands of $$, I felt really bad for the company and want to write my statement!

Here it is:

Buyers from BIDZ! Please turn on your brains and think, why some people are happy with the purchases and leave great feedbacks and some are saying "STAY AWAY from BIDZ"! --------- and the rest of you are saying: "Ohhhh, maybe I should stttttttay away from it"!

BECAUSE there are so many buyers who purchase everything on Bidz and resell at the stores (10 times higher)/Ebay (twice higher), etc... Those people will never want you to know how great the site actually is and the items are Authentic and true to description. Because they do not want you to be on the site, you are a competitor, you are bidding up the prices! For the last several years prices on bidz (bids itself) got higher, because site got more popular. Professional buyers (especially jewelers) are very unhappy about it. Not only they can not sell you the stuff they have in their jewelry store, but they can not purchase it now on a low price from Bidz (because even downtown LA jewelers can not get you lover prices than Bidz). I personally know one e-retailer website, that was advertising, that Bidz is "JUNK" and "we are GOOD!", I went to that site, checked, and all I saw is similar goods on a higher prices. Of course they will be saying that BIDZ is not good, because Bidz have all the customers!!! Customer support, btw, is pretty good, always answer quick, 24 hours available. If you are purchasing a tiny diamond that has a high compare value, keep in mind that it is not a retail price or the price recommended by the manufacture. Get you own ring that you had for ages and take it to the appraiser. They will "nicely" tell you that they will give a a MAX price value on the paper. Than go and try to sell your for that price. All the designer jewels are excellent! true retail price. I am a customer of Bidz, a happy customer. and you are right, maybe you should not buy from Bidz, because you are bidding up my prices! Before I could get Aquaswiss watch for $60-$80, now, the same watch, same model, only for over a $100! In one year interval.

Also, I took some designer diamond watch to a close by jeweler, he said...Ohhh, noooo, these are not the diamonds, it does not worth anything, I can get it from you for $200! Well, I did not give to him for $200, I went to a friend of mine, who is the jeweler, he said: all diamonds, all correct quality.

Maybe, I just hurt my own $$ by saying what I said, because you are going to come and bid up my prices, but common, BE HONEST! and, not only bidz refunds you all the $$ (even for shipping! and the auction fee), but this Co. working it's butt off to please the customers! jewelry

Purchased a ring for my wife. I won it on a highest bid. The ring was suppose to be 3 emeralds in a gold setting. Fake stones and lightly plated tin. Tried to get company to respond to no avail.

  • Bi Jun 20, 2011

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for taking the time in providing feedback regarding your purchases and your experience at We assure you that we treat all customer feedback and suggestions seriously. You may always contact us directly for any assistance by phone, email or bold chat. We have revised and updated our policies to improve and provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We stand by our merchandise 100%. In case you receive a defective item or an item not as described, you may return for a full refund. We do apologize for the unsatisfactory experience you had at We hope you will take the time to visit our site again to allow us to provide you with excellent service.

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Bidzsold fake diamonds

I was on and won the bid on a man's gold and diamond wedding band. It was advertised as 10k gold which it was. With 1/4 carat total weght diamonds, the only trouble is that they were not real diamonds. My winning bid was $106 advertised at $1600 but it is only worth $35 and that is selling it for the gold.

I thought had some kind of certificate that it was real gems and gold I guess they have two different rings one you get if you don't pay for the certificate and a different one if you pay for the certificate.

  • Bi Jun 20, 2011

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for taking the time in providing feedback regarding your purchases and your experience at We assure you that we treat all customer feedback and suggestions seriously. You may always contact us directly for any assistance by phone, email or bold chat. We have revised and updated our policies to improve and provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We stand by our merchandise 100%. In case you receive a defective item or an item not as described, you may return for a full refund. We do apologize for the unsatisfactory experience you had at We hope you will take the time to visit our site again to allow us to provide you with excellent service.

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beware of this company

Purchased a gold 14kt. pearl necklace, only to receive a gold plated item worth less than half of the purchase price. advertised this as though it were solid gold. Beware this company!!

  • Bi Jun 20, 2011

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for taking the time in providing feedback regarding your purchases and your experience at We assure you that we treat all customer feedback and suggestions seriously. You may always contact us directly for any assistance by phone, email or bold chat. We have revised and updated our policies to improve and provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We stand by our merchandise 100%. In case you receive a defective item or an item not as described, you may return for a full refund. We do apologize for the unsatisfactory experience you had at We hope you will take the time to visit our site again to allow us to provide you with excellent service.

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junk jewellery, not as advertised

I just received the first order of items that I bought online from I had ordered over $10, 000 worth in 5 days (caught up in the frenzy), which the msrp according to them was over $55, 000. The earrings that they claim to be diamond and sapphires looked like plastic gems, no lustre and were very small compared to the pictures with their ruler of one inch next to it. The gold seemed to be not gold (gold plated would have looked better). The pendants are so small and the gold chains are so flimsy that what they purport it to be worth is not even 1/1000th of their value. I bought earrings which were supposedly worth $3, 500 and bought them for $650 but they don't even look like they're worth $10.00. I could have gotten better quality at a local discount store. Walmart sells diamond like rings for $10.00 and these looks much better than what has. The stones are so small, the sapphires and rubies are not even bigger than a barley kernel. Their diamonds are not even what they purport to be a total of 1 carat or 2 carats. I have rings that have just a total of one carat and they are much bigger and lustre. These items are not even pleasant to the eye. I would not wear them and I paid over $2700 for these items. Stay away from these sites. I don't know how it would be returning them since I have read horror stories about returning these items. If it is too good to be true, it is!

  • Da
    dazmac Jul 13, 2010

    I brought a bracelt from BIDZ they valued at $1350 us i took it to my local jeweller he said it wasn, t worth getting a valuation certifcate for it because it was only worth $150 Australian

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  • Mn
    Mn Snow Angel Oct 13, 2010

    Hello; I think this company needs to be stopped! I recieved my jewelry today and immediately I could tell they were too light almost as if they were "plastic" with a real FAKE look to each! I braught them to the pawn shop just to see how real they weren't worth anything not even a dollar for all!
    They may revenue money from the poor
    They are just as FRAUDULANT as Idenity theft or those punishable for WRITING BAD CHECKS Is STEALING!
    To think I paid to have FED EX show up here with NOTHING OF ANY VALUE!
    There went my Christmas gifts!

    MN Snow Angel

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  • Mn
    Mn Snow Angel Oct 13, 2010

    My wife and I are frustrated with the power and privledge given freedoms to people such as
    Their ability to SCAM and RIP OFF people!
    To them it's revenue money and legal as long as they don't get caught, or they continue to be allowed this activity.
    As long as they get away with it, "it's ok attitude"
    We have 6 kids between us, having worked two full time jobs and barely making living expenses.
    To recieve these so called real gems and diamonds that were "worthless" Is devistating to do this is fraud stealing and we feel violated! We think this fits right in with imbezzeling money or exploitation of volunerable adults. and SCAM FRAUD AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS THEFT!

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  • Mi
    MissBee23 Nov 14, 2010

    My mother bought a "gold" bangle from, and shen she received it, it was all bend out of shape, tarnished, clearly not real gold at all, because all the "[email protected] had rubbed off and showed some form of green metal. It had chips in it, looked like it was 4th hand, let alone 2nd hand. But it was definitely NOT brand new. At the same time she bought another batch, this was about 9 months ago, and she still hasnt received the 2nd batch. Bunch of RIP OFF MERCHANTS! Should be STOPPED ASAP.

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  • Bi Jun 20, 2011


    Thank you for taking the time in providing feedback regarding your purchases and your experience at We assure you that we treat all customer feedback and suggestions seriously. You may always contact us directly for any assistances by phone, email or bold chat. We stand by our merchandise 100%, in case you receive a defective or merchandise not as describe you may return for a full refund. We have revised and updated our policies to improve and provide 100% satisfaction of our customers. We are currently under construction and already practicing our new terms. We do apologies for the unsatisfied experience you had at We ask you at this time to please visit our site once again, allow us to provide you excellent service.

    We sincerely thank you for your input and would like to hear from you regarding this post or any other concerns at [email protected]

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damaged item

i recently purchased a playboy braclet for a friends birthday at BIDZ .com this was the worst mistake ever. They tell you that it retails for over $90 in stores and they sell the same braclet at spencers for $30. I got the item in the mail and it was missing crystals out of the braclet so i called customer service and they proceded to tell me that this must have happened during shipping i told the that that was not possible because the crystals would have been in the package then they told me that is the only possibility because they inspect everything before they send it well this made me even madder because they knew what crap they had sent me i asked the representative if they would mail me a new one she said no i said why it is still up for auction they still said no so she told me to e-mail them pics of the item and they would give me a refund plus the shipping it has been a month now and i have heard nothing and have recieved no refund!!! DO NOT BUY FROM BIDZ YOU WILL BE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE AND WASTING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!! LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!!

  • Ne
    Nedivah Mar 19, 2011

    I totally agree with you. I ordered a ring and it arrived with 2 missing stones and I called customer Service to learn that it would cost me more for shipping then it was worth. They don't stand behind their products. I also had ordered Angel Earrings and I received 2 left ones. I got such a run around and like I said above, the cost for me to return it was not worth the effort.

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  • Bi Jun 20, 2011

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for taking the time in providing feedback regarding your purchases and your experience at We assure you that we treat all customer feedback and suggestions seriously. You may always contact us directly for any assistance by phone, email or bold chat. We have revised and updated our policies to improve and provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We stand by our merchandise 100%. In case you receive a defective item or an item not as described, you may return for a full refund. We do apologize for the unsatisfactory experience you had at We hope you will take the time to visit our site again to allow us to provide you with excellent service.

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