Better Homes and Gardens / landlord under your brand

Kettering, OH, United States

I live in a duplex lorded over by a man who says he is from Better Homes and Gardens.

This man has allowed black mold to continue to grow for over a month, due to poor ventilation in the bathroom. His maintenance people are constantly lying to him and me. Yet, he simply and lazily allows the issue to go unchecked.

I can provide documentation.

I intend to file a complaint about my neighbors, who have had the police visit them for 2am noise in the past. My landlord is not trustworthy, however.

He has offered us a refund of our deposit and release from our lease, but who can afford to move over and over - and especially during the cold months?

Hoping bhg has a higher standard, I am alerting you to your agent's behavior. Please respond to my email. I will gladly provide more information.

Dec 31, 2018

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