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Best Buy / failure to honor warranty

1 Richmond, United States Review updated:

I purchased a laptop from BestBuy in Richmond, VA. I also purchased a 3 year warranty on the laptop. The release button to open the display soon began sticking (due to a hinge problem) and the laptop could often could not be opened.The disply would not turn off sometimes and the laptop would be sitting unused getting extremely hot. When trying to open the stuck laptop, it popped open so hard it cracked the display. I took the laptop to Bestbuy (Worstbuy) and a month later, they "fixed" the hinge and display.
Shortly after this (a few weeks) the exact same problem began occurring. Since I did not wish to be without the laptop for another month (for a "repair" that only lasted a month), I continued using the laptop but did not fold it shut. When setting it down on the table it rolled back and cracked the display. Apparently, there is some cushioning around the display that was probably not installed correctly. I returned it to Worstbuy and they again had it for a month and returned it to me.
Once again, a short time later, the same exact problem returned. I continued using the laptop without closing it thinking itwould stilled be covered since the warrranty had a year to go.
A short while back I googled the problem and discovered HP realized they had a design failure and had issued a retrofit repair( free of charge) that would have fixed the problem. WorstBuy had never mentioned the recall to me.
I then took my laptop to Worstbuy. They took my computer, referring to my service contract in their system.
I receive a call weeks laterfrom WorstBuy telling me that they refused to honor their service agreement since they had replaced the display twice. "Doesn't matter" that the displays broke because of design flaws and incompetent and incorrect repairs. Despite the fact that I had over a year remaining on my service contract, I was told my warranty expired 30 days after the last repair. No one at WorstBuy mentioned this little "fine print nugget" to me.
After multiple calls to WorstBuy, I was told I should have read the fine print when I bought the contract. The FINE PRINT THAT SAYS WORSTBUY CAN VOID THE CONTRACT BASICALLY WHENEVER THEY GET TIRED OF REPAIRING THEIR FAULTY REPAIRS!!!

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