Best Buypoor service / no service change notices

B Nov 18, 2017

On Monday November 13, I ordered and paid for a washer, dryer, delivery, and necessary parts for installation.
This order number was BBY01-[protected]. This purchase is for a second home 3 hours from my primary residence so I have to travel to let the installers in the home. On Wednesday November 15, I called [protected] to confirm delivery time of 8am - 12pm and date of Friday November 17 was still set so I would not be inconvenienced by being 3 hours from my primary residence with no delivery. I was told the order had been cancelled and no real reason was given, just excuses. I made this call on my own and was not notified of this cancellation so I reordered with the service representative and a new order number BBY01-[protected] was established for delivery time of 12am - 4pm and date of Friday November 17. I traveled to the installation property and waited all day November 17 and no delivery was made and I was not notified. I called [protected] at 4pm and the service representative told me the installation had been moved to Tuesday November 21 between 8am and 12pm. Here I was stuck 3 hours from home at 4pm and the failure to deliver which I had made extra effort to avoid happened and I got no notices by phone of the reschedule. I have renters coming in this property November 22 so the November 21 installation is a must, it cannot be messed up.
I expect a phone call to [protected] to discuss this mess and why I have been treated so poorly. I paid for this in full and am being given a major run around by best buy. Very disappointed. I expect best buy to compensate me for this unthinkable mess-up. Now I have to pay for someone to be present November 21 between 8am and 12pm, what a mess.

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